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May 25, 2016

On August 26th, 2011 wrote on the subject of A/B Testing.

How a losing variation produced 95.45% increase in conversion rate »

A/B testing can lead to impressive gains and surprising results. In this post I would like to talk about our recent home page A/B test on an ecommerce store, when our treatment page decreased the goal we were measuring in Google Website Optimizer (GWO) by -11.2%, but still we declared the page a winner. And […]

On August 17th, 2011 wrote on the subject of Web Analytics.

What to do if goal conversions don’t match your ecommerce transactions »

Goals and transactions don’t match in Google Analytics? The most common problem if goal conversions don’t match ecommerce transactions in Google analytics, is that your urls (pages) can be visited/accessed using both upper case and lower case characters. This then causes Google analytics to report this page as two different pages, even though it was […]

On July 22nd, 2011 wrote on the subject of Web Analytics.

Event tracking in Google analytics the easy way »

Event tracking in Google analytics can be a painful task and it gets more complicated when your site has hundreds of outbound links, or downloadable documents you would like to track. The good news is there are 2 options for how to track events (outbound links or files), manually or automatically with auto-tracking. Option 1: […]

On July 14th, 2011 wrote on the subject of Web Analytics.

Increase your conversion rate by increasing your brand awareness »

Is brand awareness really important, or is it just hype? After reading a case study on ‘how catalogues drive online sales’, I did my own research with a focus on brand awareness, and analysed brand awareness on 2 small ecommerce sites, one of them with a catalogue, another without. The result? Overall conversion rate on […]

On June 28th, 2011 wrote on the subject of Web Analytics.

How to set up goals and funnels in Google Analytics to track conversions »

Goals in web analytics allow you to measure conversions on your website.  So before you can start setting up goals, you need to know what actions (KPIs) are important for your business. The most commonly used goals for ecommerce stores are: Sale completed Email sign up Help page visited About us page visited Return & […]

On June 21st, 2011 wrote on the subject of Email marketing.

New email marketing features release notes »

At the beginning of the June, our email marketing platform went through some enhancements in features and functionality, including mobile/SMS features (available July, 2011), Facebook and Twitter integrations, and the new workflow automation canvas. What’s new: Send Time Optimisation For each contact, send time optimisation automatically schedules email messages to send at the time of […]

On June 15th, 2011 wrote on the subject of Inspiration,Internet Marketing.

What is a QR code – a quick guide »

If you ever seen this strange looking black & white square in any form of advertising on a bus, train, email, business card etc., then you met a QR code. What is a QR code? The definition on Wikipedia says – QR code is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is readable by […]

On May 3rd, 2011 wrote on the subject of A/B Testing,Company News.

Home page A/B Test – conversion rate increased by 24.8% »

Goal of the test – increase number of downloads Technology used – Google Website Optimizer Test duration – 5 weeks Confidence level achieved – 98.6% We conducted an A/B test on Dowce.com website to find out which version would increase number of downloads. Both versions were similar, but in the version B (treatment) we improved […]