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December 11th, 2013.

Coming Summer 2014: .UK’s Biggest Domain change


Summer 2014  will see one of the biggest domain modifications in the UK ever. The roll-out of .uk domains will allow companies who currently use ‘’ or ‘’ domains to also register for  ‘.uk’  e.g. will be able to register

Nominet will offer the current holders of the or up to 5 years to register the domain before it is released to the general public.

In the event that one company holds and another holds, the shorter domain will be offered to the holders of the domain.

If a domain is not currently registered to or, the domain will be available on a first-come, first-served basis on launch day.

So in essence, if you have a or a, you will be able to simplify it to .uk next year.




October 31st, 2012.

Webmasters! Top Reasons You Should Upgrade to Windows 8

Upgrading to Windows 8 has been made very easy and surprisingly cheap. If you have Windows 7 currently installed on your machine and at least semi-decent specs, then you can upgrade to Windows 8 for $40 in no time at all.

But the question is, do you want to? With so many changes in Windows 8 this is a big decision and it’s not quite so straight forward as it was when you chose to embrace Windows 7. This has been designed as a touch and mouse based OS meaning that some of the things you’re familiar with just no longer exist and meaning that you’ll have to learn some new tricks and adapt to a new way of doing things. There’s no Start button for instance, and the Desktop is no longer the centre of everything you do.

Despite these changes however I’m going to argue that Windows 8 is a worthwhile upgrade and that you should on this occasion opt to embrace change – particularly if you run a blog or website or otherwise work online. Here’s why…

It’s Faster

The boot time for Windows 8 has been said to be about twice as fast as the boot time for Windows 7. This means that you do get a ‘close to tablet’ experience when it comes to quickly loading up and getting started which means that you don’t have to sit waiting as long for your computer to load up so that you can get typing. Five minutes saved a day even is worth investing in, but you’ll save more than that because the software all loads quicker too.

It’s Great for Touch Machines

While most of us still do most of our work with a keyboard and mouse, if you do have some kind of hybrid device then there’s no question here – you should install Windows 8 because you’ll get a lot more from that touch screen (and the swiping from the edges is very quick to operate with the thumbs).

It’s the Lesser Evil

Windows 8 represents change, but if you stick with Windows 7 you’re going to be left behind. Let’s think about what your other options are here – OSx? Linux? While you might like those two options, either of them are going to represent a bigger change still than switching to Windows 8 because they won’t run your ‘legacy software’ (in other words software for Windows 7). If you want to run the software you’ve loved and paid for, but you don’t want to be stuck in the past, then Windows 8 is your only realistic option (other than maybe Linux running Wine…).

The App Store

Having an app store on a PC is an interesting idea and could be a great way to get cheap games delivered to your machine and handy little apps made by developers. Meanwhile if you’re interested in app development then potentially this is going to represent a very real money making opportunity with a HUGE market and limited competition so it’s worth getting involved.

It Looks Nice

Whatever else you say about Windows 8 it does look cool. Sometimes just changing things up is interesting and exciting anyway, but when it looks this good it’s definitely worth taking the plunge just for a bit of something new. And you can always change back…

It’s a Big Topic

If you run a tech blog then you need to have Windows 8 on at least one device so that you can write about it. Even if your blog is in a different niche though, this is still going to put you at the forefront and mean you can join in with all those Windows 8 competitions rather than standing outside in the cold…


June 23rd, 2010.

London Bikeathon

Sergio Davison and Matthew Sawyer have signed up for the London Bikeathon Challenge.

We will be cycling 50 Miles through the streets of London on Sunday the 27th of June 2010.

Please sponsor us in our challenge and help those great guys and girls @ Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.

 Any amount you  give big or small will be greatly appreciated.

 It’s easy to donate online with a credit or debit card – just go to my JustGiving page:–Matt-Sawyer

 JustGiving sends your donation straight to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research  and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you’re a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more. I hope you’ll join us in supporting Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research .


January 5th, 2010.

Adding Email accounts to Microsoft Outlook 2007 Manually

This tutorial will guide you through the setup of your email account. You will need the details we provided you to setup your account on Outlook

  1. Startup Microsoft Outlook 2007.(a)  If this is the first account you are setting up on outlook a Wizard will startup, click Next.
    Outlook 2007 Startup

    On the account Configuration Select yes to configure E-mail account then click Next. Go to to step 2

    E-mail Accounts
    (b) if you already have an account setup and would like to add another e-mail account.
    Select Tools on the Menu Bar then Account Settings.

    Account Settings

    Select New.

    Add New E-mail

  2. Select Microsoft Exchange,POP3, IMAP, or HTTP then click Next

    Select E-mail Service

  3. Enter E-mail account details
    Type your name: e.g. Joe Blogs
    Type your E-mail address: e.g.
    Type your Password: e.g. password
    Then retype your password: e.g. password
    Then Select Manually Configure Server Settings or additional Server types then click Next

    Auto Account Setup

  4. Choose E-mail Service
  5. Select Internet E-mail then click Next

    Select Internet E-mail

  6. Enter Server Information
    Account type: POP3
    Incoming Mail Server : Information provided by Datadial
    Outgoing Mail Server(SMTP): Information provided by Datadial
    User Name: Information provided by Datadial
    Password: Information provided by Datadial
    Select Remember password then click More settings

    Enter Email Details

  7. Outgoing Server Setup
    Select Outgoing Server tab
    Select my outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication and Use same settings as my incoming server then click OK

    Select Outgoing Server

    Select Test Account Settings and check if everything is completed then select Next

  8. Finish Setup
    Select Finish. If you still have an account settings window open you can click close to return to Outlook

    Finish Wizard


June 27th, 2008.

Hyper-V has been released for download

Microsoft has released for download Hyper-V version of Windows Server 2008, this component will allow IT users to run different virtual machines on one physical machine without the need of running a full Host OS.

With server virtulization you can cosolidate work loads of underutilized machines onto smaller number of servers reducing energy and hardware costs and maximizing performance of all your servers.

Other beneifts with virtualization is the ability to take snapshots of a running machine wich can then be easily revert to a previous state improving the overall recoverability your Virtual Machines. The ability to easily test upgrades and service packs prior to upgrading the production machines without the need of purchasing new hardware. Migrating Virtual MAchines from one physical host to another with minimal downtime.

Alan Stevens from Zdnet has written an excellent article on the topic of Hyper-V�


June 27th, 2008.

VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

With more and more companies outsourcing work abroad or even having their work force located around the globe and many roaming users that want access to their full system as if they where in the office.
IT professionals or facing huge challenge in maintaining client’s desktops and backing up all this dispersed data. For example you are a software company that has just been awarded a new project and you need 10 more developers, these developers needed to run Visual Studio, WebSphere, Full MSSQL and other office applications.
We all know how hard it is to source developers based in one location but if you recruited developers from around the world your task would be much easier other than the fact that you would need to purchase, install and maintain these desktops. The cost of buying the equipment would be high given that once the project is finished it would be difficult to return the machines back to base.
Other solutions would be setting up Citrix Presentation Server Infrastructure which is far too expensive or the VMARE VDI Approach which uses too many system resources for memory storage and CPU.
I recently came across software that would certainly fit the bill for the above solution.
By using Virtuozzo’s virtual desktops you are able to install windows 2003 deploy virtual desktops which are connected via IP using remote desktop you can change the look and feel of the OS to behave just like a desktop.
The foot print of each Virtual Desktop is so small in comparison to VMware as only one host OS is installed and furthermore you are able to share the full resources of the Server between all Virtual Servers e.g. if you installed Virtuozzo on a Quad Core Server with 16 GB of ram each user could use up to 16 GB of ram depending how much other Virtual desktops where using so you could end up with a virtual desktop that is much faster than your local machine.

Virtuozz's VDI Infrastructure
Management of the virtual desktops is more simplified as you only have one host to manage and deploying different software in each Virtual Desktop is as simple as ticking the package you want each use to have.
This is still a new concept and not widely used but that was the same for server virtualization just 5 years ago not many companies used this technology and know it’s one of the most talked about topics.
There are still several drawbacks that need to be resolved for this to hit the mainstream and become more widely used.

  • Firstly thin clients are still to expensive (Most users would be using the personal machine anyway)
  • The graphics for multimedia users leave a lot to desire

So for any business that find themselves in a similar situation this is a would be a worth considering as the initial investment is very low compared to other options.

This the latest news in Virtuozzo’s Efforts to make VDI a reality


November 27th, 2007.

Disclaimers & signatures

Disclaimers and signatures in general are very easy and quick to implement. Saying that if you are a small business running exchange 5.5 2000/2003/2007 and need to ensure that all users are setup with a standard Disclaimer and Signature or other advanced features you would normally need to use a third party software.

There is no better product than Exclaimer to achieve the desired results. In the Scenario where a client with over 50 users needed to add a disclaimer, Signature and auto-reply (to certain groups) with different responses. My only request to the client was send me a list of all user details and request all users to remove signatures before they leave at the end of the day.

An hour later after updating there Active Directory with staff details I was able to setup a centralised location for all Signatures and Disclaimers.
All user’s information is pulled in automatically from the active directory, and groups where setup with different auto-responses.


July 19th, 2007.

Virtual Desktop Screen

If you are like me where you have to give support on several different systems and are constantly hopping desks looking for a free mac or linux, or you have several machines in front of you and you are having to switch between machines using a kvm switch you are going to love this tool synergy.

I lined up 4 Desktops and monitors with different OS that I constantly use. I then installed synergy on all machines, after 15 mins I was in control of all machines using only one mouse and keyboard and Scrolling typing and opening programs from left to right across all desktops as if the computers where welded together
Matt Cutts shows how to configure Synergy in six steps


July 12th, 2007.

Surface Computing

Ever thought you could exchange Pictures from your PDA or Camera buy simply placing your device on top of the table,
or Placing an order a la minority report style

Minority Report

Surface Computing

Microsoft have finally revealed Surface Computing a technology where users intereacts with the desktop
Completly by touch.

Official Surface Computer Site

Video Demo By Znet


July 12th, 2007.

Building a PC

Have you ever thought of building your own PC, but have been put off due how daunting the task maybe?
Well if you can put together a lego kit you can put together a pc from parts.
Jeff Attwood has written an excellent article he explains how to put together the components, test stability and overclocking the PC.

Build PC Part I
Build PC Part II
Build PC Part III


June 25th, 2007.

Spam or Viruses that seem to be Origintated from Clients Organizations

One of the most common questions I get asked from clients is, why do I get spam or email virus that appears to originate from inside our organization.Spammers and Viruses are becoming evermore resourceful in trying to elude us to open their emails. One of the simplest ways of getting you to open an email is spoofing email address of users we trust. There are several ways they can get hold of user’s emails the question is how you stop spammers and viruses from faking addresses.Today’s anti-spam are composed of several layers for detecting spam. One of the methods for detecting fake or spoof emails is inbound authentication and Identity verification technically known as SIDF.

How Sender ID Works

  1. The sender sends an e-mail message.
  2. The recipient’s inbound e-mail server receives the message.
  3. The inbound e-mail server checks which domain claims to have sent the message and checks
    the DNS for the SPF record of that domain. The inbound server then determines if the IP address
    of the sending e-mail server matches the IP addresses that are published in the SPF record.
    E-mail messages that fail may be deleted, blocked, or sent to the Junk e-mail folder.
  4. As a recommended option, the Sender ID result can be combined with reputation data about the
    IP/domain holder. This reputation data enhances delivery decisions for all e-mail, including
    messages sent from both legitimate senders and spammers which may pass the Sender ID check.
  5. When combined with the receiving network’s anti-spam and anti-phishing technologies, the
    e-mail may be delivered to the Inbox, the Junk or Quarantine folders, or may be blocked and deleted.


Question is, so why are fake emails still getting through?
Many small businesses do not know or still have not implemented this extra layer of security until a majority of business implement the SPF on their domains we will still continue to receive fake emails or we could opt to block all emails that have not implemented, this solution is risky as businesses could possibly lose important emails from potential clients

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