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Cox & Kings

Cox & Kings asked us to review their website and to assess its usability and search engine friendliness.  Although they have an in house online marketing team Cox and Kings also appreciate that they cannot know everything.

We spent two days reviewing their site and spending time at their offices to learn more about how they use their website and unearthed a plethora of things to improve in order to make the site more accessbile to search engines and to improve conversion rates.

We call this service our "Expert Friend Service" and is a no obligation consultancy service.

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Matt worked on this project.

Visit: http://www.coxandkings.co.uk

Client Feedback

The session was really helpful. I really like the way Matt addressed the search optimization, design and other structural issues on Cox and Kings' website. I would definitely recommend this service to others.

Anuja Bhagat, Online Marketing Executive, Cox & Kings