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Responsive or not. You decide


Responsive or not Responsive?  It's not an easy choicse and every site is different.

This case study is in here to illustrate a point.  We receive many briefs asking for mobile friendly, or responsive designs.  Here I want to make the case that in some circumstances a desktop version of a website is just as good if not better than the responsive version.  

Compare this desktop version of our Datadial site by clicking the link below with the desktop version on your mobile.

Personally, I prefer the desktop version as it gives a quicker overview of the site's content.  Ultimately, it's a personal choice and every site has different requirements.  

There are many different options for preparing your site for mobile access and usage including development of Apps.  Please call us to discuss the options.

Call me on my mobile, or just use the form :)

What we do for Datadial

Mobile, iOS and Android Apps

Kolen and Steffan worked on this project.

Visit: http://devsiteplay.dev.datadial.net/