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150,000 car parts and Vehicle look up system
Prestige Perfomance Centre

Prestige Perfomance Centre

With 150,000 car parts (and counting) this site is our largest e-commerce site. It is of course device responsive as well.

The site pulls data from various sources including Tecdoc which is basically a huge database of car parts.

Navigation is assisted by a Vehicle Look up System which allows you to enter your vehicle registration and see only car parts that fit your vehicle.

The site is built on Datadial's own e-comnmerce software. This is just one more benefit of maintaining our own e-commerce software asit would not have been very difficultto achieve with any off the shelf packages.

The site undergoes constant improvements and amendments to improve usability and to increase conversion rates.


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What we do for Prestige Perfomance Centre

Web Design, Bespoke E-commerce, Search Engine Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation

Matt and Alex worked on this project.

Visit: http://www.ppcgb.com