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From flash to HTML. From nowhere to top of Google
Sauce PR

Sauce PR

Sauce had recently had a new site built but it had been built in flash.  Having explained that flash is not search engine friendly and that the site was not very usable we recreated the site using Datadial's content management system. 

The site is now fully updateable by Sauce staff and is 100% search engine friendly.  With the addition of a blog Sauce are now well positioned to take make greater use of their site as a marketing tool. 

With Datadial's SEO campaign Sauce are now setting nicely at the top of Google

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What we do for Sauce PR

Consultancy, Search Engine Optimisation, Link Building & Guest Posting and Content Management Systems

Robert and Matt worked on this project.

Visit: http://www.saucecommunications.com

Client Feedback

Fantastic work, thank you. Such a relief to be able to update the site ourselves finally.

Jo Barnes, Director, Sauce PR