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Great content and how to make it 'viral'

Great content and how to make it 'viral' 

Workshop Wednesday 26th March 2014

You know you should be making great content - but what does that mean?

Great Content and How to Make it 'Viral'

We have seen many clients struggling to build exposure for their brand online with Facebook and Twitter being the limit of their abilties.  The possibilities of using of social media channels are exciting and they can be very powerful.  It can also be vexing to know how to get a return on investment.


Previous comments

We both found the seminar useful. Certainly, for me, it confirmed what we're doing right and gave us some pointers as to how we can spread and target our content more effectively.

I enjoyed the seminar and found it both interesting and useful.

Yes I did enjoy and learn. It is also very helpful to meet a smaller group of other clients who have experience themselves to discuss among us.


 In our workshop you will learn

  •    What constitutes great content – we’re not talking press releases here
  •    What makes content go 'viral'?
  •    How to optimise your page to maximise the sharing of content
  •    What is seeding?
  •    How to seed on social platforms
  •    How to pay for seeding
  •    How to use outreach
  •    How to measure results

PRESENTED BY – Joe Shervell, Content Strategist at Datadial

WHEN - 26th March 10.00-13.30

WHERE - 4th Floor, 26-28 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 7BA. See Google Maps

WHO SHOULD ATTEND - Online Marketing Managers, Business owners

HOW MUCH IS IT - £180 inc VAT