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Can I change my plan anytime?

Yes, to change a plan is very simple. Go to Account > Chargeables and change your plan according to your needs. You can increase your plan up to 50 phrases.

I need more than 15 phrases to monitor.

Please fill in the form with your request and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is there a minimum contract length?

Netscout is a month to month service. There is no contract or long term obligation. You are billed on a monthly basis, and if you cancel you will not be billed again.

How do I cancel my account?

After you login go to Account > Chargeables and click on 'De-activate' my account.

How can I add additional users?

All our accounts are one user accounts. The account can be access by as many users as you like using the same account login.

How does the 30-day money back guarantee work?

If you cancel your account within 30 days of signing up you will be automatically refunded for the amount you were charged. You can cancel your account at any time, by simply going to the “your account” tab on your dashboard.

30 day money back guarantee