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Content Marketing
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Content Marketing

Through effective content marketing  we have recently gained exposure for our clients in the Times, The Mail and The Sun, Telegraph  as well as a plethora of high authority blogs.  Through the creation of shareable content and through effective seeding of content we can do the same for you. 

Why do we do this?

We do this to build links to your site which in turn helps build your site authority and therefore rankings.

See some of our content Mail Online  Yahoo Finance or Business Insider or  Autoblog  Yahoo Finance Again  Visualy

So: Are you the "go to" resource for your industry?

If so, then users will visit, revisit, pass on, refer, and link to your websiite.  You build trust, brand, links (and therefore Google ranking), more traffic, and  sales.

To achieve this "status" you need a content strategy that enables you to communicate as experts.  So instead of continuously pitching to your customers you are educating and helping.  They in turn do the selling for you.  

Some say that if you are not Content Marketing then you are not Marketing.

And it's true: if you cannot show a greater knowledge and authority than your competitors then you just end up being an also ran.  If you can create content that solve users’ problems, provide useful information and answer their questions then you will attract links.

See how the writing of well researched articles has helped the traffic to our own website.

Content Strategy - How to Massively Increase Your Site's Traffic in Just 2 Weeks from Datadial Ltd on Vimeo.

What does this mean for you? 

It means you need to have high quality content being added to your website which people want to link to. It means you have to seed your content so that other people pick it up and share it.

We call this a CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY and it's something you need to be doing.


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