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January 21, 2018

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Coming Summer 2014: .UK’s Biggest Domain change »

  Summer 2014  will see one of the biggest domain modifications in the UK ever. The roll-out of .uk domains will allow companies who currently use ‘.co.uk’ or ‘org.uk’ domains to also register for  ‘.uk’  e.g.  datadial.co.uk will be able to register datadial.uk. Nominet will offer the current holders of the .co.uk or org.uk up […]

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Webmasters! Top Reasons You Should Upgrade to Windows 8 »

Upgrading to Windows 8 has been made very easy and surprisingly cheap. If you have Windows 7 currently installed on your machine and at least semi-decent specs, then you can upgrade to Windows 8 for $40 in no time at all. But the question is, do you want to? With so many changes in Windows […]

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London Bikeathon »

Sergio Davison and Matthew Sawyer have signed up for the London Bikeathon Challenge. We will be cycling 50 Miles through the streets of London on Sunday the 27th of June 2010. Please sponsor us in our challenge and help those great guys and girls @ Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.  Any amount you  give big or small will […]

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Adding Email accounts to Microsoft Outlook 2007 Manually »

This tutorial will guide you through the setup of your email account. You will need the details we provided you to setup your account on Outlook Startup Microsoft Outlook 2007.(a)  If this is the first account you are setting up on outlook a Wizard will startup, click Next. On the account Configuration Select yes to […]

On June 27th, 2008 wrote on the subject of Technology.

Hyper-V has been released for download »

Microsoft has released for download Hyper-V version of Windows Server 2008, this component will allow IT users to run different virtual machines on one physical machine without the need of running a full Host OS. With server virtulization you can cosolidate work loads of underutilized machines onto smaller number of servers reducing energy and hardware […]

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VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure »

With more and more companies outsourcing work abroad or even having their work force located around the globe and many roaming users that want access to their full system as if they where in the office. IT professionals or facing huge challenge in maintaining client’s desktops and backing up all this dispersed data. For example […]

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Disclaimers & signatures »

Disclaimers and signatures in general are very easy and quick to implement. Saying that if you are a small business running exchange 5.5 2000/2003/2007 and need to ensure that all users are setup with a standard Disclaimer and Signature or other advanced features you would normally need to use a third party software. There is […]

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Virtual Desktop Screen »

If you are like me where you have to give support on several different systems and are constantly hopping desks looking for a free mac or linux, or you have several machines in front of you and you are having to switch between machines using a kvm switch you are going to love this tool […]