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July 29, 2017

The importance of blogging regularly. »

Blogging regularly is important for many reasons. The most obvious being that if your want to retain a degree of professionalism (assuming your blog is not a personal one) then it looks better if you are continuously finding new and interesting things for your audience to read. Honestly, how eager are you to get involved […]

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Successfully guest posting on A-list blogs. »

You are probably already aware of the importance of guest posting to for the purposes of promotion in the world of SEO. The two work hand in hand. However, there is more to guest posting than simply getting your article uploaded to any random blog on the internet – if you want it to be […]

On July 21st, 2009 wrote on the subject of Email marketing.

Dos and Don’ts about Emails to cold contacts »

Recently a lot of companies are looking to old clients, offline customers or otherwise ‘cold’ contacts to drum up new business.  This is a great idea,  but can seriously harm your company’s reputation if not done well.  Here are some guidelines from our recent experiences. DO: Put yourself in their shoes This is the key […]

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Things to think about for your email newsletter »

I’ve just recently joined the Datadial team, and one of my key responsibilities will be to manage the ever-growing need for email marketing. But often it can be hard to think about where to start, so here are my 3 points for growing your email newsletter. How often will I need to send? You should […]

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AOL Disabling Images in Online Mail Clients »

You may have noticed that AOL recently rolled out a new web based mail client for As part of this change, they are now disabling images by default. AOL are not alone in doing this and they are among a dominant group of clients that block images by default. So the result is that […]

On July 6th, 2007 wrote on the subject of Email marketing.

The Scoop On Outlook 2007 »

Among many other draw backs of office 2007 it is also going to cause headaches for email marketers. What’s happened? Previous versions of Outlook used the Internet Explorer engine to render HTML emails.  This  meant that designers were able to use sophisticated, CSS-based designs which is why most email messages look so good these days.  You could be […]