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July 23, 2017

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Some tips on using Google Adwords effectively »

Google Adwords is a fantastic way of advertising your business online. However, the key to success with this tool is to properly optimise your advertisements so that they reach the intended audience – and you don’t end up paying over the odds. There are some obvious ways to do this and some tips you may […]

An introduction to pay-per-click (PPC) »

There are tales of retired businesspeople or sometimes new parents who leave jobs to raise families, who then get bored of monotony and decide to try and use the internet to cure their boredom. Perhaps this idea was launched after they stumbled across Google AdWords and PPC, both helpful tools in allowing companies to bid […]

The nature of the ‘NoFollow’ tag… and some reasons you should avoid it. »

Blog spamming is inevitable. It occurs when people post numerous links within comments sections in a blog article with the intention of readers of that article scrolling down to the comments bit to add their two pennies worth, seeing these links posted by other “readers” of that article and clicking on those links. Whilst this […]

The importance of blogging regularly. »

Blogging regularly is important for many reasons. The most obvious being that if your want to retain a degree of professionalism (assuming your blog is not a personal one) then it looks better if you are continuously finding new and interesting things for your audience to read. Honestly, how eager are you to get involved […]

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Optimising Social Media Landing Pages »

Maximising the benefit of social and viral traffic is frequently a concept that is misunderstood by site owners looking at huge traffic spikes in their analytics accounts. Great, 50k visits, how many sales? None? What a waste of time! Many years ago when I used to work in sales a key to a successful appointment […]

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Successfully guest posting on A-list blogs. »

You are probably already aware of the importance of guest posting to for the purposes of promotion in the world of SEO. The two work hand in hand. However, there is more to guest posting than simply getting your article uploaded to any random blog on the internet – if you want it to be […]

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About me… »

Hi! I’m new to the field of SEO and I came across it after graduating university with a degree in law. I enjoyed studying law but as far as the practise of it in the workplace, I felt as though it was a field that didn’t really leave room for me to utilise my creative […]

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How Digg Got Pwned By Infographics [INFOGRAPHIC] »

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