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July 23, 2017

On June 27th, 2008 wrote on the subject of Technology.

VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure »

With more and more companies outsourcing work abroad or even having their work force located around the globe and many roaming users that want access to their full system as if they where in the office. IT professionals or facing huge challenge in maintaining client’s desktops and backing up all this dispersed data. For example […]

On June 17th, 2008 wrote on the subject of Technology.

Open Office 2007 Docx files in Office 2003 »

If you are on office 2003 user this plug in will enable you to open office 2007 docs.  I haven’t the strength to tell you how idiotic Microsoft are to have created this problem!

On January 31st, 2008 wrote on the subject of Development,Technology.

Firefox Developer Extensions »

Here is a list of 25 Firefox Developer Extensions that we find extremely useful at Datadial. These extensions are geared towards web development, SEO, network administration and end user marketing. 1. Firebug Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor […]

On November 27th, 2007 wrote on the subject of Technology.

Disclaimers & signatures »

Disclaimers and signatures in general are very easy and quick to implement. Saying that if you are a small business running exchange 5.5 2000/2003/2007 and need to ensure that all users are setup with a standard Disclaimer and Signature or other advanced features you would normally need to use a third party software. There is […]

On August 29th, 2007 wrote on the subject of Technology,Web Technology.

Global Web Stats »

Just how popular is Vista today? How many people have switched from IE6 to IE7? Just what share of the browser market does Firefox have? For answers to these questions and more it is worth regularly checking W3 Counter’s Global Stats which can be found here: These stats are generated by tracking the last […]

On July 19th, 2007 wrote on the subject of Technology.

Virtual Desktop Screen »

If you are like me where you have to give support on several different systems and are constantly hopping desks looking for a free mac or linux, or you have several machines in front of you and you are having to switch between machines using a kvm switch you are going to love this tool […]

On July 12th, 2007 wrote on the subject of Technology.

Building a PC »

Have you ever thought of building your own PC, but have been put off due how daunting the task maybe? Well if you can put together a lego kit you can put together a pc from parts. Jeff Attwood has written an excellent article he explains how to put together the components, test stability and […]