Catering meat suppliers

This is a site we built based on designs provided by Medicine Man Branding agency for Danish Crown Food Service who supply meat – and I mean a lot of meat – to restaurants and hospitality venues.

High degree skills required

The designs were unconventional and required a high degree of skill to build.  They required draggable components, elements popping up here and there, parallax sliders and, to top it all, it had to be content managed.  The site is built in wordpress and is a joy to look at.

Danish Crown – WordPress Development – Catering Butcher
WordPress Development

Meat Meat Meat

You can usually tell a WordPress site a mile off. They tend to be templated and samey.

This is why this project is so unusual as it has a very original design with beautiful long pages of richly photographed meat and various animals, but is still updateable.

You would be hard pressed to tell this is a WordPress site and it demonstrates the skills of our development team when provided with great designs by Medicine Man

Below is a snapshot of the designs.