The World’s most iconic brand come to Datadial selected Datadial to spearhead their campaign to build the online community on their main website and increase the overall amount of traffic.

The campaign included advising Virgin on changes required to their site to make it search engine friendly and on ways to improve usability for visitors once on the site.

Virgin require us to build their community within their website as well as generate referral traffic for their individual companies.

Traffic increase through quality content

Since the start of the campaign traffic has grown significantly.  This has been achieved through collaboration with Virgin on content creation for the site and then by undertaking a comprehensive link building campaign.  Principally this has been through the dissemination of articles through key Social Media websites such as and Stumble upon that has helped drive traffic to the site.

Website usability consultancy

We have also advised on page layout and changes to sign up procedures in order to encourage a higher conversion rate on the site.

Cost saving

During the campaign we have also identified significant cost saving opportunities for Virgin saving them £10,000 in our first month of working on the account by re-organising their domain registration strategy.


Like many Datadial online marketing projects we have been involved in not just promoting the site but also in helping our client’s business in many other related ways such as in site usability and domain issues, which is an added advantage of employing a full service Internet agency.