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Engaging and trackable

A creative way to inform and entertain your audience

What so good about e-newsletters?

The beauty of an e-newsletter is that it’s delivered directly to your customer’s inbox for very little cost.

An email newsletter is a quick and easy way to keep an audience up-to-date with your new products and services or to share the latest blog posts or to give away vouchers and discounts. With an e-newsletter, you can let customers know about all the goings-on in your organisation and give information about up and coming events.

And, of course, e-newsletters are a useful way to drive traffic to your site.

In a nutshell, sending out a well-designed feature rich email is a dynamic and creative way to inform and retain your customers.

How to make e-newsletters engaging

We’ve all received e-newsletters that are tedious and sales-y. But done well – with a good layout, cool graphics, and excellent content including videos – e-newsletters can be informative and entertaining, and a vital part of a digital marketing mix.

So how can Datadial help me?

We can handle all aspects of your e-newsletter template design so all you have to do is upload your content and press send.

Our e-newsletters also have an incredibly smart system of tracking and monitoring customer engagement. So we can track everything from the open rate (how many customers have opened your email) to the conversion rate (how many customers have clicked on the links contained in the email).

To find out more about e-newsletter template design, give the Datadial team a call.

Where do we do it?

All our email marketing template work is carried out in-house at our Hammersmith office in West London, W6.  We do not outsource our work. We are a team of about 15, geared towards building our clients’ businesses and brands online.


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