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So what is Content Marketing, exactly?

The principal behind content marketing is really quite simple. If you produce content that people are interested in then more people are likely to visit your site or link to it.

Why should you care?

If you can earn links through producing good content then this will increase your site’s authority and ranking in search engines.  This in turn brings visitors and ultimately sales. You want more sales, right?

Are you the go to Company in your Sector?

To achieve this “status” you need a content strategy that enables you to communicate as experts.  So instead of continuously pitching to your customers you are educating and helping.   If you can create content that solves users’ problems, provide useful information and answer their questions then you will attract links and visitors.

For most companies there’s no time and even if there was time there’s a perception that there is not enough interesting content that can be created about your business.

This is where we can help

We have a talented team of content strategists and creators who can create Awesome content for you. We regularly gain exposure for our clients in publications such as The Times, The Mail and The Sun, Telegraph, Huffington Post, Entrepeneur  as well as a plethora of high authority blogs.

See some of our content here and case studies below

Mail Online  Yahoo Finance or Business Insider or  Autoblog  Yahoo Finance

Content Marketing is the only way to earn links for your site unless you are luckier enough to pick up links via PR or other brand related activities.  Some say that if you are not Content Marketing then you are not Marketing.

Why not read our Complete Guide to SEO and Content Marketing

There is no short cut to earning links these days and those that put in the effort will be rewarded.

Can you trust us?

There are SEO spammers out there ready to ruin your site for a quick buck: that’s not us.

Above all, we promise our SEO services are:

  • Honest and ethical. We always use techniques that fall within search engine guidelines
  • Transparent. We take the time to explain what we’re doing and why we’re doing it
  • Effective. We benchmark our results and focus on driving actual sales and enquiries.

Where do we do it?

All our content management work is carried out in-house at our Hammersmith office in West London, W6.  We do not outsource our work. We are a team of about 15, geared towards building our clients’ businesses and brands online.


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