Bespoke CMS Solutions

When to go bespoke?

Off the shelf CMS like Umbraco and WordPress are brilliant but some times they can’t do everything you want them to.  If you have a specific functional requirement this either needs to be programmed in or sometimes its better to build bespoke from the ground up.

For when an off the shelf system can't do the business

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What are the advantages of going bespoke?

First of all, there is no license fee. We include any such fees in the one-off development costs.


Secondly, as a bespoke CMS, we can tailor and build to your requirements. This is particularly useful for jobs where off the shelf software just not have the functionality or capability to extend to complete specific tasks. Many of our more complex sites are built on our own CMS for this reason.

Thirdly, because we develop the software we can support it 100%. We do not have to revert to online forums or help desks or search for plug-ins to help fix holes.

Tour Operator specialising in Baltic holidays, tours and cruises

We designed this fun, user-friendly site to cope with the growing demands of the business while also enabling the client to easily manage their updates in-house.

Bespoke, Responsive CMS for Contemporary Furniture Website

For this site we were supplied the designs by the client’s branding agency, with strict rules on how the site should function and work. The site needed to be as elegant and refined as the furniture that it represented. The achievement here was to incorporate the floating menu with the on-page display (with logical on and off) and to have it behave differently on mobile.

Bespoke Curtain Ordering Software

This is an example of a CMS solutions website for which off the shelf CMS software would not be able to cope. If you have ever ordered a pair or curtains you will know how complicated the process can be. You need to know about pattern repeats, drops, width measurements, pelmet pleats, flop overs, piping, poles, tiebacks, voiles, cushions and how to calculate it all in an instant for the online user.

Where do we do it?

Set up in 1998, all our bespoke content management system work is carried out in-house at our Hammersmith office in West London, W6.  We do not outsource our work.

We are a team of about 15, geared towards building our clients’ businesses and brands online.

You can rely on our professional agency for all your off the shelf and bespoke CMS solutions.