Key Features

Netscout allows you to monitor what are people saying about you, your brand, your product or services online.

Catch any negative feedback before it has a chance to impact your business. And use any positive feedback to guide future marketing.

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  • Keyword trend analysis in a graph

    keyword trend analysis in a graph

    View all your monitored keywords in a graph. You can select a different date range or number of your monitored keywords to be displayed.

  • Colour coded result tagging

    result tagging

    Use up to 12 colour coded labels to create your own custom labels to label any important alert. Exaples:

    • Negative Feedback
    • Positive Feedback
    • Take Action
    • Email This
    • Interesting etc.
  • Send results by email

    send result by email

    You can easily send results by email to anyone on your list.

    For your convenience, just add their email once and our system will save their email, which makes future result sending an easy task, saving you time and making your work more effectively.

  • Add and edit phrases or keywords to monitor

    Add and edit phrases/keyword you would like to monitor

    You can add, edit any phrases/keywords you would like to monitor.

    Also you can refine each phrase you monitor by including and excluding additional keywords you don't like your phrase to be monitored for and included in your reports.

  • Recieve daily or weekly email alerts

    Recieve daily or weekly email alerts

    Receive daily or weekly email alerts directly to your inbox. You can also select to receive emai alerts every 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th day.

  • Add notes

    Add notes

    You can add your own notes for each alert for your future reference.

  • Site audiance analysis & location

    Site audiance analysis & location

    With each alert you can check the site audiance data and visit the page which triggered the alert for your monitored keyword.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    30 day money back guarantee

    Sign up today and try Netscout for 30 days. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, then you get a full refund. Guaranteed.

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