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Display Remarketing


How to increase sales with targeted display ads

Display re-marketing targets customers who have already shown an interest in your business through visiting your website or clicking on a link or even searching for a product.


So how does it work?

When a customer looks at your product page, Google retains that information in the form of data and then targets that same customer with your display ads when they’re elsewhere on the internet.  Clever?


What are the benefits to re-marketing?

There are many benefits to display re-marketing. The first, it is not invasive, so your customer will only see a re-marketed ad if they’ve searched for your product previously. Think of it as a little reminder or a gentle nudge.

The second benefit to display re-marketing is that you get to choose which customers see your ad. Display re-marketing allows you to create a list of customer traits so you can target your ads at the customers you want to engage with. This can significantly help your business if you have more of a niche audience, as it allows you to target a precise demographic.  Thirdly, of course, re-marketing ads encourage purchases and bolster sales. Who can resist that must-have item when it follows them all over the internet?


How can Datadial help with re-marketing?

Setting up a re-marketing display ad is not the easiest of things to do. Each campaign requires a new audience to target and a new system to operate it. Aside from that, there is quite a bit of development needed to ensure that each ad is displaying and reacting accordingly.  Not to mention, every ad needs a clever design to spark customer interest!  If you’re a bit of a digital whizz, go for it. But if you’d prefer your campaign to be handled by professional experienced display re-marketing experts, then rest assured that we can manage the entire process for you.


How much does it cost?

Each display re-marketing campaign is unique. So the easiest way to find out about our re-targeting process and register your interest is to give the Datadial team a call today.