Magento 2 E-commerce Website Development

Magento’s open-source E-commerce platform is an essential tool for developing sophisticated e-commerce websites.

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Certified Magento specialists

Commissioning a well-designed, e-commerce website on a platform like Magento will enhance your customers experience, hold down maintenance costs and enhance profits.

We have been developing Magento e-commerce websites for 10 years.

We employ Certified Magento specialists

Support for Magento 1 ended in June 2020. Now is the time to upgrade to Magento 2

Support for Magento 1

Support for Magento 1 stopped in June 2020. Adobe, the owners of Magento will not develop any further functionality and, of course plug in developers are now only interested in developing for Magento 2. Security for Magento 1 can also no longer be assured. So there is a strong argument for moving to Magento 2.

Our  Magento experience

At Datadial we continue to support Magento 1 sites but new development work is now in Magento 2.0 +. See below for just some examples of our Magento work:

We have undertaken complex integrations with EPOS, Epicor, ticketing, inventory and payment systems.

We have also developed many complex modules from bed builders, promotion centres, fabric selectors and so on.

Advantages of Magento 2 development

There are many enhancements in Magento 2, not to mention a much better user experience in the back end and much faster front end.

  • It is feature rich with a lot of functionality already built in – so much of the hard work is already done.
  • It is very SEO friendly and can easily integrate with your back office systems and major payment providers.
  • Magento can handle virtual products as well as actual products just as well.
  • Any bespoke functionality that you need include can be built in on request.
  • You can run all of your sites from one platform which is great for larger companies.  This is particularly great for multi-lingual Magento sites and multi-branded e-commerce stores (where different sites share the same inventory)
  • Magento also links in easily with inventory management tools such as Linnworks, Orderwise, Cyrane
  • The community edition of Magento is free.