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What is Shopify and what is it used for?

Shopify is a turnkey platform that provides everything merchants need to build their web stores and launch their business online, from an online store builder to cloud hosting, responsive templates, and integrated sales channels, all in one place.

Shopify is one of the go-for e-commerce platforms, besides Magento and WooCommerce, favoured especially by first-time online retailers for its scalability and ease-of-use.

Its reputation is justified by the most recent statistics in the e-commerce world: with a 20% market share and availability in 175 countries, over 400 thousand businesses used the platform to launch their online retail shops so they could sell their products and services.


Can big brand companies use Shopify?

Against popular belief, Shopify is not only good for startups but powerful enough to hold enterprise-level businesses so merchants of all sizes can create a retail presence online, no matter the industry they are active in.

Shopify might be the best solution for your business type even if you plan to start small and test the waters before getting heavily invested with developers.

How many stores can you have with Shopify?

You can have as many shops as you want, depending on the plan you choose. From small business shops to enterprise-level merchants, Shopify covers it all.

Shopify has three plans:

  • Shopify Basic plan, designed for new businesses
  • Shopify for growing businesses with one retail store
  • Shopify Advanced, designed for merchants with more than one store

In addition to these, Shopify has designed two solutions: Shopify Plus for big merchants with high sale volumes and Shopify Light for any website that would like to add e-commerce features and start selling.

What is Shopify development?

If you like a certain theme that is available but want to personalise it, you can pick the theme and customise it by changing a series of settings, such as the layout, fonts, colours, borders, etc. However, it is desirable to have a unique web design so your customers won’t confuse you with your rivals and someone else might of used the same theme for their website, this is when more development is needed by Shopify web developers.

As with all e-commerce websites, it does take time and effort to add personality through bespoke web design. To stand out from the crowd, tweaking a few theme settings just won’t do.

Enter Shopify development. Have your store exactly how you’ve imagined it to be! Get Shopify web experts to help you create an engaging shopping experience that is worth remembering on a robust e commerce platform.

Shopify theme development & customisation

With Shopify you have complete freedom in changing the web design of your storefront using the Template Editor. You can also create a brand new theme from scratch, one that would mirror your brand identity and help you stand out from your rivals.

But it’s not all about the looks. A custom-made theme can also improve your security, loading time, and make your website more stable, and error-free. Plus, hiring a developer to customise or develop a theme for you would save you time that you can otherwise invest in running your business, instead of attempting to solve unexpected glitches that might emerge in the process. Not everyone has time for web design!

Shopify app development

Shopify platform offers out-of-the-box features, but keep in mind that you might not need them all. You can always personalise your website to create a unique store for you and your online customers the way you see fit. Whether you want to extend the functionality of your store, simplify your workflow, or improve your website’s UX, applications are a great way to complement your store’s basic features with custom integrations.

You can improve your store either by adding an existent app from Shopify’s application store or by developing a bespoke app suited to your business requirements. If you find yourself needing more sophisticated functionality, the add-on’s can mount up and you might find yourself paying £100+ per month just in license fees.

Do you really need to hire a Shopify developer?

Fancy writing some amazing code? Does Liquid template language ring a bell? Is using HTML, CSS and JavaScript your cup of tea? If not, then you may want to hire a Shopify expert to help with web design.

Talk to us about our Shopify e-commerce development services! We can help you find a tailored solution to match your specific needs and fit your budget, so the process of launching your retail shop goes smooth and the end result looks professional.

Hire our Shopify agency to create the best UX for your customers. Give us a call!

What e-commerce development services we offer for Shopify web stores

Whether you are planning on launching your first online store, revamp an old one, or extend your e commerce store functionality, our team of web developers and web designers have you covered!

Our Shopify experts

Our designers are proficient in creating a conversion-focused e-commerce website, no matter how big or small your dream is. From designing a bespoke theme to creating an engaging shopping experience and a seamless store checkout processes, our team has the expertise necessary to help your e-commerce website conquer the online world.

Our Shopify web development services are designed to help Shopify newcomers start selling fast on their new e-commerce platform. Here are a few services we offer Shopify newcomers to start selling online.

Shopify e-commerce development services

Is there anything else that you need to get your Shopify store running? Contact us for a professional advice!

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