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Conversion Rate Optimisation


What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process by which we encourage site visitors to make a purchase or enquiry by subtly nudging them into action.

An Example?

Most obvious examples are on hotel or flight websites where you are told that 2 other people are looking at this option, or that that there are only 2 seats left at this price.

It’s clever (and might even be true in some cases) and it works! More prosaically CRO is about making sure that basic usability measures have been implemented so that your users know exactly what they are supposed to do to make a purchase.

In most cases the biggest conversion lifts can be only achieved by testing different layouts and by adding or removing elements from pages and testing. So many sites under perform because of usability errors or confusion.

Others perform well but could achieve even higher conversion rates with just simple changes in site navigation or on page messaging.

We love this

Sometimes really simple things can have a big impact on conversion rates. For example, I found this on a website’s contact page; it promotes an urgency for me to call. “We’re open” not only tells me that they are literally open but also is a positive subliminal message that they are open for business. I ended up calling them!

What is A/B Testing?

We use A/B or multivariate testing, a process by which more than one component of a website may be tested in a live environment. Essentially you set up two versions of the page that you want to test and split the incoming traffic going to the page to see which performs best. This is one example of conversion rate optimisation techniques we utilise.

Is it Effective?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is one of the most effective marketing activities available to maximise the revenue that your site can generate and by continuous testing and improvement, you can continually improve your conversion site. The biggest beauty of conversion optimisation testing is that you can test any idea you have, or that latest best practice you read about and then in several weeks time see if it worked for you – If it didn’t, you can immediately test something else!

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