Website Development Services London

From e-comms to complex bespoke web development, we cover it all.

Our experience

We’ve been building developing websites and online software in London since 1998. (At some point we’ll let the techies out for some fresh air.) Every step of the process is carried out in-house – we don’t outsource – this way we can develop ensure that your online application, your website, your e-commerce site will to do exactly what you want it to, no matter how complex.

Our work includes:

What is Web Development?

Web development basically includes anything that appears in a browser.

This could be a simple brochure website, it could be a complex e-commerce website or it could be a bespoke application or even a dedicated app.

These days nearly all websites are powered by some sort of content management system or bespoke admin system (eg WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, Sitecore, Umbraco etc).

How we do it

At Datadial we mainly work with WordPress, Umbraco.

Deciding which platform to choose depends on the website being developed.  We do not prescribe just one solution and force you into it.

For e-commerce sites we also work with Magento and our own in house E-commerce system  

The Quality Result

Beautifully designed websites are all very well but if they crash and burn when there are more than 100 visitors at the same time, your day will be full of frustration – and probably tears.

Many of our clients now run their entire business through their website including all offline orders so it is paramount that their websites are available 100% of the time and reliable.

As we host and manage all the websites that we develop we can ensure, not only the quality of the website but also the availability and robustness of it.

Our video gives a flavour of what you can expect working with Datadial

Where do we do it?

All our web development work is carried out in-house at our Hammersmith office in West London, W6 or in our office in Southampton. 

We do not outsource our work.

We are a team of about 25, geared towards building our clients’ businesses and brands online.