E-Commerce Website Development

Any complexity, Any platform

E-commerce Website Development

We build e-commerce sites for all industries and of all complexities.

We have built one product only e-commerce sites to sites with over 500,000 products.

We have built sites that coordinate offline and online orders, which integrate with all kinds of 3rd party systems and have created bespoke add-ons allowing clients to manage their entire business via their website.

But what platform to build it on?  Off the shelf, open source or bespoke?

We try to be platform agnostic, that’s to say we don’t dictate which platform you should use but we propose a solution most suited to your needs.

Bespoke e-commerce sites are more appropriate for more complex sites with sophisticated requirements.

Shopping Cart or “off the shelf” e-commerce sites are appropriate for smaller websites which have more standardised e-commerce requirements.  Examples are Shopify  or Woo Commerce or there are larger off the shelf tools like Magento which are feature rich but not necessarily perfect for every solution.


Most e-commerce software gives you the ability to easily offer your products for sale online.   That’s the easy part.   The trick is merchandising your product inventory so that you maximise AOV and repeat sales.

Our design, SEO and programming teams all work on your site at the same time with one aim in mind: to maximise conversion rates. No aspect of this process is outsourced.

Made for you

And your site is built exactly how you want it. You’ll never hear us say “that can’t be done”. We’re much more likely to say “oooh that’s a good idea let’s build it.”

And we’ll continue to make suggestions and tweaks as your site grows to maximise your conversion rate.

How much does it cost?

E-commerce sites come in all shapes and sizes.  To give you an idea

Basic, templated – £5,000

Small – £10,000

Medium  – £22,000

Enterprise  – £35,000+


All our e-commerce websites are PCIDSS compliant as specified by Visa, Mastercard and Amex Data protection programs.


We manage and host all websites that we develop.  Our hosting environment includes redundancy, mirroring and load balancing as standard.  No other agency offers this level of hosting as default.

Where do we do it?

All our e-commerce website development work is carried out in-house at our Hammersmith office in West London, W6.  We do not outsource our work. We are a team of about 15, geared towards building our clients’ businesses and brands online.


E-Commerce Website Development - Featured Case Studies:

Nuique – Project Detail – Bespoke E-commerce – Natural Health Products

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Design911 – Project detail – Bespoke E-commerce – Porsche Parts Supplier
Design 911

Porsche Parts E-commerce Website

Most clients now want their site built on commercially available software, preferably open source. However there are times when proprietary software can be the best option.

The design911 site is built on Datadial’s first iteration of its own e-commerce software, launched around 2004. It has had functionality upon functionality added to it and yet still the underlying software has been resilient and robust.

If it had been built on a purchased e-commerce software it’s very likely that we would have come up against limitations many years ago.  As it is we have been able to build on and expand the site without any issues as we have total control of the source code.

Over and above the all standard  e-commerce functionality  this site includes:

  • abandoned basket email functionality,
  • tyre finder,
  • fast part finder,
  • find parts via part diagrams digitised from car manuals,
  • automatic feeds for Google and Ebay,
  • integration with Orderwise stock control system
  • bulk imports
  • payment by bank transfer
  • kiosk functionality for use in garages for touchscreen
  • mobile website
  • and much more

How have we managed to work together for so long (since 1998) and still get on?

As one of our first clients we are proud that we are still working on the Design911 website after so long and still adding more and more functionality to their site.

To the credit of Design911 they are willing to try out new ideas to grow their business online.  Sometimes these work, sometimes they don’t, but as both companies view the relationship for the long term it’s an accepted principal that this will be part of the process.

We originally came together from an Advert that we had placed on Loot, free ad newspaper (pre Gumtree et al). If you remember Loot then you’re probably getting on, like us :)

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My Family Silver – Project Detail – Bespoke E-commerce – Antique and Modern Silverware
My Family Silver

Hazy Instructions, Big Picture solutions.

This is the sort of site that would have been very difficult to build with off the shelf shopping software.  The requirements went way beyond the capabiltiy of the likes of Magento or Shopifty.

This was a large project.  Elements included:

  • an exhibitor subscription system which handled all the monthly invoicing  for items that had been listed.  Items that were posted by exhibitors go to create the market place.
  • a bestpoke e-commerce section for Market place pieces.
  • a bespoke e-commerce for products where you can add your own family crest.
  • a bespoke e-commerce section for crested signet rings.
  • a CMS for managing all facets of the site
  • an exhibitor account area
  • a crest identifier – allowing exhibitors to identify a which family owned a family crest.

Our brief was really quite vague: to create a marketplace for silver dealers.  We ended up doing all the above as well as digitising in India tomes of historical family data and then building a system to filter and organise this in a logical and easy to use online format.

The site was built in Datadial’s own e-commerce software and has run smoothly now since the site was built in 2007

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From our original rather hazy instructions to the finished article has been a remarkable achievement by you and your team.  Not only is it built to a standard beyond our initial dreams but you have also immersed yourself in the subject area with an enthusiasm that has completely taken us aback!  Thank you for a great site.

Martyn Downer - MD


Bespoke E-commerce for Signet Rings

Crest finder for Exhibitors to identify which family names belong to which crest

Selvedge – Project Detail – Subscription Management – Textile Magazine

Our subscription management software is not sold out of a box. It is tailored to your exact requirements so that you can run your business the way you want to.

Typical functionality includes:


  • Multi currency, multi periods,
  • Recurring payments,
  • Choose when you start from,
  • Subscribe to digital mag,
  • Free gift with new subscriptions,
  • Payment options including bank transfer, paypal
  • Bespoke Offer creation system
  • Link to e-magazine
  • Promo code, student code,
  • How did you hear,
  • Join mailing list


  • Subscription search filters, by date, type, status, name etc.
  • Gift Subscriptions
  • Back-Issue Purchases
  • Expired Subscribers
  • ‘Fair’ Subscribers
  • Back-Issue Purchases
  • View Free Sample Archive
  • Current Subscribers
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Natural Curtain Company – Project Detail – Curtain ordering software – Made to Measure Curtains
Natural Curtain Company

Curtain ordering software. We really had to pull ourselves together for this one!

Natural Curtain Company approached Datadial when they realised their existing site was failing and that the platform that it was built on could not sustain the complexity of their product offering, nor was it extensible enough to accommodate new products.

Instead of shoe-horning Natural Curtain’s business model into pre-existing e-commerce software as had happened on their previous site we instead built the site to their exacting requirements from the ground up.

The result is a complex and sophisticated ordering system that has minimised the amount of in house administration of online orders and virtually eliminated user errors on the site as there is now so much validation before ordering that users cannot order the wrong thing.

The site is integrated with Datadial’s email marketing software as well as Wufoo and online survey tool as well as their own bespoke order management system.

The site has also been supported by an online marketing campaign to keep the site listed for any curtain related queries.  A recent conversion rate optimisation exercise where we A/B tested homepage layouts had the effect of increasing revenue by 30%.

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It is clear that our customers like the new website. I love it. So a big thank you from me and all at the ever-growing Natural Curtain Company.

David Adeane, Natural Curtain Company

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