Wix Website Design

Wix and Squarespace Website Design


Wix and Squarespace or WYSIWYG web building platforms.  They are simple to use and are great for small businesses needing to get a good looking website up for not much money.

Wix and Squarespace are great tools for building simple, brochure style websites, where you are happy to use pre-made templates.  The templates are pretty good and in the right circumstances they are a really good platform solution for simple websites. Wix and Squarespace sites are characterised by

  • a small number of pages,
  • a simple description of services provided
  • a contact form and location details

In fact you can do more complex stuff like e-commerce but generally we’d advise a more advanced solution for this such as Woocommerce, Shopify, or Magento.

Do you really have the time?

As these platforms require very little technical knowledge they are relatively easy to set up and are commensurately much cheaper than say a WordPress website.  That said everything takes time to get right and you still need an eye for detail and design to get everything looking right and to make the right impression.

Do you have the time to work it all out or would you prefer someone to get it all up and running for you so that you only have to come in and edit the relevant bits?

We have the Wix website designers and Squarespace professionals here, aready to take on any site you have to throw at us.

How much does a Wix website cost

Typically a Wix/Squarespace website costs between £700 and £1,500

Where do we do it?

This service is provided by our brand and graphic design partner www.vickyfaulknerdesign.com.  You can contact Vicky directly or use our contact form.