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Bing PPC Advertising

Bing PPC Advertising works much in the same way as Google Adwords the only difference being that Bing search engine is used instead of Google.

What are the differences?

Bing PPC Ads allows a more targeted approach to online advertising. While Google Adwords offer you control over network, scheduling, language and location – Bing PPC takes it a step further giving you the capability to reach your intended market on the exact day and time you want to; and on the device you prefer to connect with them on.

Is Bing PPC worth it?

Bing has become the default search engine of Windows 10 as a result of the 2015 Microsoft update. This ease of access from the operating system’s desktop, combined with Microsoft’s 20% stake in the US search engine market, means Bing Ads is a worthy choice for PPC (pay per click) advertising – especially if you’re targeting a US audience.

How much are Bing Ads?

Here’s the good news: Bing PPC Advertising is actually cheaper than Google Adwords. This is because most advertisers flock to Google often underestimating the potential reach of Bing ads. While this remains the case, you can enjoy more Bing for your Buck!

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