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Link Building has changed. We prefer Link Earning.

If you’re reading this page you probably already know that Google values inbound links to your website.  To cut a long story short Google now only values SEO links from high quality content from high quality sites.

What is link building & how do you get links to your site?

At Datadial we prefer to think of it as Link Earning.  You can’t buy links anymore (well you can but you’ll get penalised so I wouldn’t bother). You need to earn the link from other sites by providing them with content so good that they want to use it and reference you as the source.

What does this mean for you?

It means you need a content strategy and to be creating content and reaching out to other online resources and getting your content posted. This builds exposure as well as quality links. All our online marketing activities such as content creation, online PR, outreach, social media marketing and reputation management are then geared towards building quality, white hat links to your site.

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