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Datadial is your full service digital PR agency in London delivering on your public relations objectives digitally


The power of Digital PR

Leading brands are working with online digital PR agencies, tactics and nurturing relationships with industry journalists and key bloggers with an SEO objective in mind.


Online Digital PR and SEO are two sides of the same coin

Digital PR works to future proof your SEO strategy. However, unlike the outdated SEO tactics once favoured by brands, digital PR will not come under fire whenever Google implements a new update. A well-written PR piece that’s full of information and resonates with the audience of a key influential blogger or journalist is likely to get published ‘as is’. Great news for your rankings as well as brand awareness.


Why not Traditional PR?

Unlike traditional PR, digital PR is everlasting. A quality PR link permanently works to increase your brand’s search volume and drive traffic to your site, which can be tracked from link to link. There are no ‘fluffy’ measurements in terms of reporting as each feature and link is data led. We can also see the number of times a news story is shared and syndicated, while monitoring how the PR piece has increased the conversation around your brand.


The ‘share-ability’ of digital PR

Of course, Online PR isn’t just about written features. Content rich video, infographics and imagery that target your brand’s consumers rapidly generate ambassadors who freely share content that they and their personal readership find interesting.

How Datadial can help with your Digital PR

We are a full service digital PR agency in London and we can professionally put together a PR strategy that compliments your overall SEO plan.  For us, supporting your marketing objectives is crucial.

As a stand alone or integrated service, we create campaigns that hold no boundaries and get you noticed across the digital arena.

Specialising in a number of industries including travel, fashion, B2B and lifestyle, we work hard to create and nurture ongoing relationships with leading journalists and influencers in order to reach specific audiences, get your brand quality coverage and drive traffic to your site. We are one of the best digital PR full service agencies in London.