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Google Penalty Recovery


If your site has received a Google Penalty or notification of a manual action, and you need it removed fast then please call us.  We have a 100% success rate


What is a Google Penalty?

You may have received a Google Penalty notification if Google has detected what it deems to be unnatural links pointing to your website. This could be due to a Google update, a penalty from Google Panda or Penguin. Most SEO campaigns involve some sort of Link Building activity and now historical links are often the cause of recent rankings problems. Usually links that are the cause of these issues are blog or forum comment spam, blog network links or links from article websites. The impact and the subsequent disappearance of your site from Google’s rankings can obviously be huge and action needs to be taken immediately.


Our Process

The backlink removal service and clean-up process can be fairly time consuming. Timescales are fairly tight at our end, what can prolong the process out is waiting for actions by 3rd parties. A rough estimate for most projects would be:

1. Merge and de-duplicate link data from as many different sources as possible, GWMT, MajesticSEO, AHRefs, linkbuilding reports (2 hours)

2. Automatically pull-in page data metrics such as link found on page, followed/nofollowed, domain Pagerank, indexed etc to indicate penalised domains (2 hours)

3. Manual check of all links to determine which are natural/unnatural (2-4 days)

4. Email webmasters of un-natural links requesting removal (2 hours work with 1 week turnaround)

5. Finalise a disavow file disavowing all domains which are linking un-naturally (2 hours)

6. File re-inclusion request with Google, outlining the events that led to the penalty, steps that have since been taken to rectify these issues. (1 hour)

7. Generally the average successful re-inclusion takes 2-3 attempts for each (1 hour with 2-3 week turnaround)


Want to do it yourself?

Have you been hit by a Google penalty and want to try to recover by yourself?  Read our advanced Google penalty removal guide, it will give you all the information you need to help your business fully recover online.

We have a 100% success rate in removing Google Penalties.