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So, what exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing has always been the core component of a successful sales strategy, from the very beginning of marketing as a science. It took various forms over the years, from word-of-mouth and storytelling to infographics, video blogs, and memes, but kept a consistent approach: building a target audience by addressing their needs.

Regardless of the marketing landscape and the content type, the principle behind a content marketing campaign is solid: good quality content attracts new users, educates them, and engages them in a meaningful way. It is a long-term strategy to gain visibility on the market, establish your authority, nurture your readers, all working towards the end goal: increasing conversions.

Done right, content marketing has guaranteed success. Excluded from your marketing strategy or neglected, it will certainly harm your sales performance. It is not a matter of if , but a matter of when.


And what it is not?  

People tend to confuse content with content marketing, and other types of marketing strategies.


Content writing vs content marketing

When it comes to the digital marketing world, there is a clear distinction between writing content as a creative process that serves various purposes and undertaking content marketing strategies with a specific goal in mind.

You create content as a copy for your landing pages, to describe your products and services, for an advertising campaign, to publish a new blog entry, etc.

Content marketing, however, is content created on a topic of interest for your target audience, aiming to answer users’ queries, plus distributing it on strategically selected channels.

It assists users in their learning journey on a specific topic, often guiding them from the distribution channel to your website destination. The process initiates a valuable connection between them and your brand, which later translates into more conversions.


Brand marketing vs content marketing

While the former focuses on your website copy, products and services descriptions, unique selling propositions, customer reviews, press releases, and brand coverages in the media, the latter is meant to reinforce your brand values from your audiences’ perspective by addressing your customers’ needs.

Content marketing uses a piece of content to attract visitors to your website and ultimately increase sales. It can be an article, a blog entry, a guide, a video, an infographic, a webinar, a meme.

If the content you write for brand marketing shows people how good you are at what you are doing, the content you write for marketing purposes has customers’ needs in the centre.

It is aimed at helping your target audience by addressing topics they are interested in. In turn, this proves how good you are at what you are doing precisely because you are doing it to help them. Which is what will help you become more competitive in the market.


Inbound marketing vs content marketing

The same distinction holds here as well. Except that the content you write for inbound marketing purposes should make the best use of your copywriting skills by persuading your visitors to perform an action: buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, making an inquiry.


Advertising vs content marketing

With advertising, you are paying for an audience on different platforms and aim to persuade them to convert. The piece of content you write for advertising purposes can still be good and valuable, but the focus point would be your services, products, and brand. The same holds for social media marketing.

On the other hand, content marketing works towards sharing useful content to your target audience and establishing you as a leader in your industry. It naturally attracts people interested in your business based on the info you are offering them.

In time, they become your audience and will remember you as a source of valuable information they can return to for reliable advice. Earning their trust will then become profitable as new visitors turn into regulars, and eventually into happy returning customers.


Why is content marketing so important?

People love fresh, good quality content that answers their needs. Google values it for the very same reasons and rewards it with higher rankings.

Since Google puts content at the heart of user experience, you must focus on creating valuable content to be worthy of likes and shares, authoritative content to be quoted, and likeable content to go viral. Your content must not only answer people’s needs but aim to exceed their expectations.


And what are the benefits?

And it is worth the effort, since creating good content is a guaranteed strategy for building the right target audience, keeping them interested, acquiring new leads, gaining authority in your industry, and creating brand awareness.

Your content is what makes digital marketing worthwhile: reaching top SERP listings, getting higher visibility, increased traffic, boosted sales. You do want more sales, right?


How to use content marketing to grow your business?  

This year, in light of the expected Google core web vitals updates, content becomes more important than ever before, for both search visibility, positioning strategy in SERP, user engagement and dwell time.

There is no shortcut to writing good content and earning links these days but putting in the effort is what makes it successful, whether you are setting up your own content strategy or decide to invest in professional content marketing services.

Some even say that if you are not doing content marketing then you are not doing marketing at all, and how can you even do it without a content strategy in place?

Learn how to attain your content strategy goals  

1. Be the expert: To achieve a top organic results status and high authority in your industry you need a content strategy that enables you to communicate as an expert.

2. Educate your audience: So instead of continuously pitching to your customers, you can educate and help them by answering their queries in the best way possible. By assisting them, you are winning their loyalty and promoting your business.

3. Create brand awareness: Creating content that is valuable for your readers not only solves their problems but also attracts more links and visitors back to your website.

4. Invest in content creation: For most companies, there’s always a shortage of time and resources. There is also the impression that there is not enough interesting content that can be created around your brand. Regardless of the industry, the digital marketing world is complex enough, and there always is an audience craving for fresh information.

5. Target audiences’ needs: How people perceive your brand is crucial, and how you position yourself in the industry is as essential. Thus, planning your content creation and distributions is key to prevent your competitors from taking the opportunity to address your audience’s queries.

How to get your content marketing started  

There are plenty of aspects to consider when setting up a content marketing strategy, and a DIY approach might slow down the process unless you are an experienced marketer. If you are indeed starting from scratch, here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Audit your content and SEO performance: What brings you the best results, which gaps do you need to fill in to be more competitive and prove useful to your target audience?
  • Set up your business goals: what do you want to achieve?
  • Setting up the workflow: who is doing the research, who oversees content creation, editing, publishing, pitching, sharing on social media, etc.
  • Setting up the content calendar: what are you going to write about, when, and which content type is best to use to attain your goals?
  • Decide on how you measure your success: what are your main KPIs?
  • Get to know your audience: what topics are they most interested in?
  • Discover the right phrases through keyword research: what keywords and queries they use in their research?
  • Decide upon distribution channels: where is your audience looking for information?
  • Pitching or publishing: what are the best channels to use for link building? Are you publishing on your own website?
  • Analysis and reporting: measuring the results. How well did your content performed?
  • Assess your previous achievements, future goals and repeat the process

How to develop a content marketing strategy  

Because it is a crucial part of your marketing efforts to increase brand awareness and nurture your target audiences, we put together a guide to get a better picture of the processes involved in building a content mechanism that benefits both your audience and your business.

Check out our SEO & Content Marketing Best Practices Guide

Why hire a marketing agency?

It’s often best to do things the right way if you want to achieve top results. Need help with setting up a successful content marketing strategy?

Hiring a content marketing agency would not only produce valuable content and achieve top results, but it will save you the effort of striving to be an expert beyond your area of expertise.

Content marketing services

With so many options to choose from it is normal to feel lost. Marketing might not be your area of expertise, we get it! You also want to be sure you are making the right choice for the future of your business.

There are SEO spammers out there ready to ruin your site for a quick buck: that’s not us.

You want reputable content marketing services and dedicated content marketing strategists for measurable results.

We are a professional content marketing agency in London, focused on delivering a reliable content strategy to increase brand awareness and get your digital marketing content meet your business goals.

Get our content marketing team to help you with   

Our most successful content marketing campaigns   

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Digital marketing is the only way to earn links for your site unless you are luckier enough to pick up links via PR or other brand-related activities.

Let us help you achieve your content marketing strategy goals  

Why? We focus on your objectives and how we can best achieve them, so your content marketing strategy is spot on.

How? We analyse your customers’ buying cycle. We think each step through and put in the effort to really get to know your audience, what their interests are, what questions they need to have answered. We find the right way of bridging the gap between their problems and your solutions.

Who? We have a talented team of content strategists and writers who can create awesome content for you.

Where? We regularly gain exposure for our clients in publications such as The Times, The Mail and The Sun, Telegraph, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur as well as a plethora of high authority blogs.

What? Our experts will help you boost your business growth by enhancing the users’ engagement with your content.

An educated visitor becomes a happy shopper when the content journey is smooth and fun.

Above all, we promise our content marketing services are:  

  • Virtuous: our content marketers use techniques that fall within the search engine guidelines
  • Transparent: our experts take the time to explain what they’re doing and why they’re doing it
  • Dynamic: our content marketing team writes using your brand’s voice to stimulate your audience’s interest
  • Efficient: we benchmark our website traffic results and focus on driving actual sales and enquiries