CUBLBespoke Curtains & Blinds Platform

For retailers wanting to sell curtains and blinds online
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CUBL* is a bespoke software system developed for retailers who sell made to measure curtains and blinds online

Our adminsitration platform simplifies the complex process of setting up an Ecommerce website selling made to measure curtains, blinds and related products.

*CUBL it’s an abbreviation of Curtains and Blinds

Now you can sell made-to-measure curtains and blinds online.


What is it?

Software for made-to-measure curtain and blinds retailers

CUBL was developed with interior designers and curtain makers in mind. It is a comprehensive, easy to use adminstraion platform that allows retailers to manage all aspects of selling made to measure curtains and blinds.It is based on our knowledge of building similar systems for some of the largest curtain retailers in the industry over the past 20 years.


The Inspiration

Curtain manufacturers needed a cost efficient way to sell made to measure products online.

Why did we create CUBL?

We received many enquiries from people wanting to sell bespoke curtains online. However the costs for a good site could be prohibitive as creating a website that calculates making up costs accurately is complicated and requires bespoke development.

E-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify and Woo-commerce do not have these solutions out of the box or via plugins and creating bespoke solutions is very expensive that’s assuming you can find a competent developer to do it for you.

We developed CUBL to simplify the process of setting up a bespoke site; Significantly reducing typical set up costs by 80%.

Manufacturers who do not need the website front end can also use it for in house management of the costing and manufacturing process.

Worker repairman hanging and fixing the curtain on the window

The Solution

E-commerce + quote management + fabric management – at an affordable price

Robust, Flexible & SEO ready

When we built our software we started with the SEO requirements.  SEO is one of the main ingredients to enable you to grow your business online.  So many sites are built without any attention to SEO and therefore fail at the first hurdle. We have been developing websites and software for over 23 years and so know SEO requirements inside out.

  • Get selling curtains online fast and affordably
  • Sell your own “off the shelf” products too – use CUBL as normal e-commerce software.
  • Input your own make up costs
  • No limit to number of fabrics
  • No limit to curtain permutations: Add linings, frills, pelmets, blackout, tie backs, etc
  • No limit to blinds permutation: roller or roman, borders, left or right winders etc.
  • Export orders to your fulfilment company in any required format.
  • Merchandising
  • Create offers on products, fabrics, basket of any permutation with our easy to use offer creation tool
  • Create and save quotes and quote versions via the back end* –
  • Payment providers
  • Checkout using your choice of Payment provider including Applepay and Googlepay.
  • Benefit from Datadial’s bespoke design service or use our template.

The Capabilities

A wide range of built in funcitonalities that can be expanded as your business grows

What else can CUBL do?

CUBL  is a hosted solution.  When we create a website for you, we will be hosting and supporting your website on our own servers.  You do not need to worry or get involved in anything technical.  Everything is taken care for you.  Our servers and websites are optimised for speed.

  • Full order management system.
  • View and update order status.
  • Manage fabrics and products
  • Upload images and the system will resize for you.
  • Create and manage offers.
  • Create additional content for non-product pages.
  • Sell standard e-commerce products as well.

Thank you for all your great work. The site works very well and has enabled us to start selling our products online much more quickly and cost effectively than expected.

David Adean

Apart from the general brilliance of the site and the vastly improved user experience, it’s the difference it’s made to our in house processes that has really transformed our business.

Instead of 3 CRMs we now have one, everything it controllable via the website and basically the lefthand now knows what the right hand is doing.

This is making our staff very happy. Thank you to you and the team for a great job.

Vanessa Arbuthnott

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