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Enterprise Email Marketing Software

A well targeted and well-managed email marketing campaign is a quick and cost effective way to build customer loyalty; raise awareness; manage relationships, and drive engagement.

Datadial uses Adestra Email Marketing software, an enterprise email marketing platform optimising email marketing capabilities both in London, and around the world.



This software is more advanced, more robust and packed with much more functionality that the other cheaper shoot and fire platforms.

Features such as:

  • A/B testing;
  • Integrated analysis tools;
  • Workflow programmes,
  • Full data segmentation;
  • Social media tools;
  • Auto de-duping;
  • List cleaning tools
  • Free inbox previews
  • Easy file management

All these features help to ensure your email marketing is as effective as possible. And what’s more, as the software is web based there’s no installation or uploads to deal with.

Why use an enterprise level Email Marketing System?

As your email campaigns become more sophisticated and targeted then you will want to be considering techniques such as:

  • Abandoned basket reminders
  • Split testing
  • Automated programmes based on user behaviour
  • Abandoned browsing emails and other real-time marketing
  • Product recommendation emails based on order history
  • Post purchase email automation

This sort of functionality is only available in enterprise email marketing software such as Adestra.

Dedicated Account Manager

As well as helping you with the day to day running of your email campaigns, your Datadial account manager in London will also advise you on best practice, when to send your emails and how to build and manage your database.


We are able to provide this enterprise level functionality at basic level costs.  Please ask for further details.