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Boost revenues with Google Shopping Feed

If you’re trying to sell a product, Google Shopping Feed might be right for you. In March 2016, Google made a change to its Search Engine Results page (SERP) by removing all its advertising from its right-hand panel. So now, when you’re searching for a product, Google will show four small advertisements at the top of the page and two smaller ones at the bottom.


Where does Google Shopping Feed come in?

With this extra space on the SERP we’re likely to see more PLAs (product listing ads). They work the same way as the original text ads, but PLAs focuses more on products, and even give a preview of the item.


Is Google Shopping Feed a good idea?

Ever heard the saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’? Sure you have – and a PLA does exactly that. It attracts customers with an image of the product, the price and the name of the retailer. This means your customer doesn’t have to spend hours searching through the wilds of the internet and can easily see the item from the photo in the search results.

But it doesn’t stop there, Google Shopping Feed also appears on other websites, in other forms of advertising. Plus it offers full mobile integration for shopping at your fingertips. With the age of one-click buying encouraging everyone to spend more and spend faster, Google Shopping Feed puts your products right where they need to be.


Could you benefit from Google Shopping Feed?

For sure. We now live in a world where attention spans rarely wander beyond six-second videos and 140 characters. When a consumer sees the item they’re searching for at the top of the results page, their rate of engagement improves drastically. Some sources even report click-through rate (CTR) doubling when compared to standard text ads.


So what do you need to do?

Google Shopping Feed is incredibly simple while being beautifully effective. We take images of your products, give them their own custom campaign in AdWords and then post them for the world to see. Getting the right keywords and phrases is crucial for PLAs, so we take all the stress and strain away from you and use our expertise to get your ads looking and sounding right.

How much does it cost to start Google Shopping campaigns?

We break our Google shopping ad services’ pricing into sections. The first section is the ad creation in itself when we take all the details from you and craft a campaign that’s made specifically for your products. This includes the researching of the market, the creation of your own keywords and phrases, and the overall design of the ads for the page.

Typically, this first stage costs between £400 and £1,500, depending on the size of the campaign and number of products you’re looking to sell. If at some point you’d like to amend the campaign, add a landing page or have an ad translated, there may be extra costs.

The second section of payment is based on the running of your Google shopping campaigns. This includes any changes that are needed, access to monthly meetings with our team, and a detailed, monthly report on how the campaign is going. This is all charged at 15% of the click budget, which means you only pay us if the campaign is doing well.