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At Datadial, we’ve been helping our clients succeed online for more than 20 years, delivering everything they need to successfully build their brands online.

**In our recent 2018 client survey 100% respondents said that they would recommend Datadial to others**

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  • Need to inject some new energy into your tired website?

    Get all those urgent issues fixed immediately and start enjoying the rewards of your investment again.

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  • Magento 1 to Magento 2 upgrade?

    We employ Magento certified developers and have over 15 years Magento experience

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  • Want real results from your online marketing?

    Discover what works from people who know and can prove it with a long track record of success

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  • Website not fast enough?

    Make sure you don’t lose search engine traffic or revenues because your website is taking too long to load

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  • Desperate to breathe fresh life into website sales?

    Cover all the bases – your proposition, website and hosting platform – and get your online business back up to speed

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  • Starting up a new online business?

    If you have an online dream, then come and talk to us to discover how easy it could be to realise it.

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Customer Feedback

  • Without exception, they all xxxxing love it – the graphic designer had a tear in his eye. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

    Catherine Watling, Visual Data Media
  • Thank you to Kolen, Rob and the team, for your consistent patience on this project and for such an efficient turnaround – whilst it may not mean anything, you’ve also taught me a hell of a lot about websites! 😊

  • It is clear that our customers like the new website. I love it. So a big thank you from me and all at the ever-growing Natural Curtain Company.

    David Adeane, Natural Curtain Company
  • Things are good, in fact they are stratospheric. Everyone loves the website and I receive constant positive comments about it. We’ve implemented a lot of marketing channels in the last year including SEO/PPC/Social as well as constant copy updates.

    It’s difficult to attribute sales to individual channels as people use multiple searches and devices before making a final enquiry. However, when I asked one client where they found us his reply was “where didn’t we find you”. So as a team are already achieving a lot.

    Simon Daukes MD, Ashbarton Estate
  • We are so excited about this and the content that you have provided so far is more exciting and engaging then anything we have seen as an SEO team before…your knowledge and enthusiasm makes us so excited.

    Pam Shrum, Hayneedle (part of Walmart)