Wordpress Development Agency in London

WordPress is one of the most commonly used content management systems in the world with capabilities far exceeding its blogging history. Today, 25% of all websites around the world use WordPress as  a website builder.

Rescue an existing WordPress site

Is your current WordPress website not working as well as it should be?  Speed issues? Difficult to update?  Old design?

As a professional WordPress Development agency based in London, we can help you upgrade and polish your website for optimum usage.

Create a new website from scratch

WordPress is a fantastic CMS for most website requirements.

We can advise on which platform is best for you.  We have designed and built hundreds of WordPress websites over the last 20 years.

Convert from another CMS to WordPress

If you are stuck on an outdated CMS and need to convert, we can help.  WordPress is easy to use, fast and SEO friendly if implemented correctly.

Sometimes plug-ins exist to easily convert from systems like Joomla and Droopal to WordPress so converting can be easier than you think

So why do people love WP so much?

WordPress website design & development is effective and flexible – thanks to the overall design of the platform and the cool simplicity of the back end.

WordPress affords you complete control over your website and makes editing, uploading and insertions both easy and accessible.

Even the most technologically-averse users manage to upload copy and images easily. Most WordPress themes are also fully responsive.

So whether your site is being viewed on a desktop, laptop or handheld device, your visitor’s experience is always a positive one.

A choice of themes

Another exciting factor about WordPress is the number of themes available – some free and some paid for – and for specific industries too.

From simple and minimal themes to all-singing themes with bells and whistles: each one can be customised in terms of colours, images and layout to reflect your branding and your organisation.

The power of plugins

Wait, there’s more! Something else that makes WordPress so popular are plug-ins and widgets. Made by the WordPress community – a group of developers and all round web wizards – these little add-ons can make a massive difference to your website’s capabilities.

Each plug-in is also subject to a voting system. So the more popular the plug-in, the higher the rating.

This means that popular plug-ins have been tried and tested by thousands of users and are safe to use on your site. What’s more, they’re regularly updated too.

Should I choose WordPress as my website platform?

At Datadial, we have worked with hundreds of WordPress sites in the past. As a result, we know what works and what doesn’t.

WordPress does have its limitations – or rather its own idiosyncrasies – and that means it’s not always the best platform for certain projects.

Talk to us about what you need for your website and we’ll always advise you on the best platform to use.

Brochure sites are characterised by

  • a small number of pages,
  • a simple description of services provided
  • a contact form and location details

We apply the same design principals and attention to these websites even though they tend to be small.

They are usually built in WordPress so that you can update the site yourself. All new sites are of course responsive.

Where do we do it?

All our WordPress website development work is carried out in-house at our Hammersmith office in West London, W6.  We do not outsource our work.

We are a team of about 15, geared towards building our clients’ businesses and brands online. Your trusted WordPress agency in London.

Arches – wordpress – Beach weeding venue in Devon
Arches Beach Weddings

Visit www.archesbeachweddings.com

Absolute Translations – wordpress development – Translation Services
Absolute Translations

Visit www.absolutetranslations.com/

The Wealth Consultant – wordpress web development
The Wealth Consultant

Fun design for Wealth Consultancy, developed in Wordpress

Visit www.thewealthconsultant.co.uk

PR Examples – responsive wordpress website – Marketing stunts & campaigns

Visit www.prexamples.com/

Veritas Gifts – wordpress web design – Corporate Gifts
Veritas Gifts

This site was built to be SEO friendly from the ground up.

It is that rare combination of elegance, search friendly and with beautifully curate content

Visit www.veritasgifts.co.uk

St Mark’s Studio – brochure website – Production Company
St Mark’s Studio

Visit www.stmarksstudios.com

Taylor Herring – wordpress – PR Consultancy
Taylor Herring

Have you seen this?

Visit www.taylorherring.com

Very happy with the new site, tons of really good feedback. Top Work!

James Herring, Owner

Moisture Reduction Systems – wordpress – Engineering & Geo-technical
Moisture Reduction Systems

Established brand with a new attitude

Sometimes re-branding a company is akin to a newly tailored suit. It can be a change of direction and can often more accurately reflect where the company is now – rather than where it was 10 years ago. A forward thinking, modern and approachable corporate identity was needed if this company was to compete on a larger stage.


web branding and design
web branding agency

The Poke – responsive wordpress – Time well wasted
The Poke

Wordpress, Responsive Rebuild - 4 million visitors per month

Most companies choose WordPress for its out of the box templated tools which enable rapid website design and development.

Well I guess its ease of use is one reason that WordPress was chosen for The Poke originally but this is far from a templated website.

When we took it over it had been built on and build on over the years and was falling apart.  We decided to redo the html css from scratch to make the site responsive and to introduce a cleaner more modern layout.

With revenue being generated from click-throughs and advertising it was important to make sure that users saw and were encouraged to click through to as many stories on the site as possible.  The interface that we came up with and the subtle integration of 3rd party sponsored advertising have helped increase page views by over 200%.

Visit site www.thepoke.co.uk

Really happy with the site redesign and all the effort that you have put in and  your patience with the integrating all the 3rd party scripts.

So a ruddy big thank you and well done!

Re Poke Rebuild