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Relax – You’re in capable hands…

A recent comment from a new client summed up what we do, nicely:

“Things are good, in fact they are stratospheric.

Everyone loves the website and I receive constant positive comments about it. We’ve implemented a lot of marketing channels in the last year including SEO/PPC/Social as well as constant copy updates.

It’s difficult to attribute sales to individual channels as people use multiple searches and devices before making a final enquiry. However, when I asked one client where they found us his reply was “where didn’t we find you”.

So as a team are already achieving a lot.”

Simon Daukes – Ashbarton Estate, MD

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Company founded.  One man and his PC.


Full service agency focused on growing clients’ businesses online

  • 25 Employees
  • 2 offices – London & Southampton
  • 100+ clients
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Datadial acquired Advantec Internet Services Ltd www.advantec.co.uk

Advantec are a specialist Magento and PHP web design agency, based near Southampton.  Together we are now able to offer a comprehensive array of development and marketing services. For the time being each will operate under their respective brands.

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Launch of Authoritycom.com

We set up a separate brand to help present our experience in Online / Digital PR in more detail.

Digital PR is key to the successful promotion of any website.


What are we about?

We are a highly-skilled group of individuals that can offer fantastic continuity and fluent teamwork – working together instinctively, and coming up with great ideas to make your online business as successful as possible.

Services provided: Web design, E-commerce, Web development, SEO, Digital PR, Email Marketing, Hosting

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We aim to form close working relationships with our clients, and many of those have lasted years.

Our clients love having a single point of contact for all their design, marketing and technology services; they love being able to speak directly to key people, and they love our fast speed of response.

We love seeing our work create success in our clients’ businesses – standing in their shoes, applying our expertise in different ways, and mostly getting it right.

Our promise is to offer impartial advice, realistic costs, sensible expectations and to always deliver.

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Hammersmith Works

People often ask us: “Why Hammersmith and not Soho, the heart of London’s creative bubble?” Datadial has always been in and around Hammersmith and Earls Court – ever since 1998, when the company was founded – and we love it here.

We’re well connected to the London transport network and even big-name clients have been delighted to make the effort to come out West for our expertise.

Hammersmith works for Datadial – it’s part of our unique identity – and so Datadial works in Hammersmith.