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We are a full service web design and online marketing agency

A recent comment from a new client summed up what we do, nicely:

“Things are good, in fact they are stratospheric.

Everyone loves the website and I receive constant positive comments about it. We’ve implemented a lot of marketing channels in the last year including SEO/PPC/Social as well as constant copy updates.

It’s difficult to attribute sales to individual channels as people use multiple searches and devices before making a final enquiry. However, when I asked one client where they found us his reply was “where didn’t we find you”.

So as a team you are already achieving a lot.”

Simon Daukes – Ashbarton Estate, MD



Us, in a nutshell

We are a highly-skilled group of individuals that can offer fantastic continuity and fluent teamwork – working together instinctively, and coming up with great ideas to make your online business as successful as possible.

Services provided: Web design, Magento E-commerce, Bespoke Web development, Shopify,  SEO, Email Marketing, Hosting.




We aim to form close working relationships with our clients, and many of those have lasted years.  They are as much part of our team as our employees.

Our clients love having a single point of contact for all their design, marketing and technology services; they love being able to speak directly to key people, and they love our fast speed of response.

We love seeing our work create success in our clients’ businesses – standing in their shoes, applying our expertise in different ways, and mostly getting it right.

Our promise is to offer impartial advice, realistic costs, sensible expectations and to always deliver.


The founder

Robert Faulkner set up the company in 1998.  With a background in print and graphic design it was a natural seque into the world or websites, which were then in their infancy.  Many companies didn’t even have email.

The balanced and un-flashy ethos of the company, reflected by its founder, has enabled it to ride the wave of .com and financial crashes and to provide a secure and reliable partner for its many clients.