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Experiment request tool for science teachers and lab technicians

Science Laboratory Management system is the brainchild of a school science lab technician who, together with Datadial developed a simple and clear system to allow organisation of educational science departments.

Delivery efficiency by connecting lab technicians with science teachers


The Client

Startup. One person. Big Idea.

Online help for scientists, teachers…

If you remember science lessons at school then you’ll probably appreciate this website.  We built a system to allow science teachers to request experiments from Lab technicians.



The Need

This idea was borne out of the owner's own frustration of managing science experiments in his school.

LabLogger takes the strain off coordinating experiments and eliminates paperwork and long email chains by way of its laboratory scheduling software. By taking care of the administrative side of the science lab, technicians can focus attention where it is needed most.

Prior to using this software science teachers would scribble requirements for their lessons on bits of paper which would be lost or unclear.  The result being that Lab Technicians would provide send the wrong equipment to the wrong place.

This was a process ideally suited to being systemised

We built a bespoke system, from scratch.  It allows teachers to set their own lesson periods and timings, request experiments and specify equipment, all online with no paper work and scribbled notes.

Lab technicians log on and can view, accept, reject experiments.

Planning for the future, we ensured that it had world wide compatibility for all school types and time periods.



The Solution

A simple and clear system that organises science departments within schools and colleges.

Worldwide take up of this intuitive and useful system.

The LabLogger website has had worldwide takeup with thousands of schools and colleges now using the system

Lab management in schools is now easy and straightforward by taking the strain off coordinating experiments and eliminates paperwork and long email chains.

The crux of the website is the multi-view and interactive calendaring facility built to be completely configurable for international timetables and individual characteristics of school teaching.



The Result

A multi-view and interactive calendar scheduling facility that we built from scratch.

This is a complex application allowing science teachers to request equipment for experiments for their class. Built bespoke for the client we ensured that it had world wide compatibility for all school types and time periods. It’s now being used by schools around the globe.

The control software integrates lab management onto a single online platform which is easy-to-navigate, user-friendly and it methodically centralises all experiments, scheduling and stock-list data. This allows technicians to plan their time and equipment as necessary, and gives teachers the freedom to submit their requests at school or at home!

Watch the video below to better understand how it works

Just a quick note to let you know what a superb job the team did last week - we successfully went live with what turned out to be an extremely complex task, (as the timings show), not only in terms of the overarching 'On Demand' functionality we developed, but also the edge-cases and pathways we had to include for safeguarding the users (mostly from themselves 😉 ).

Einan Snir, CEO Lablogger

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