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Amazon Marketing Services & PPC

We are a digital marketing and advertising company dedicated to helping you grow your business on Amazon’s marketplace and drive more sales through efficient PPC campaign management. Our Amazon advertising services are designed for businesses of all sizes to promote their brand value, drive product discoverability as well as boosting traffic to their stores.

We know exactly what makes people click, where and precisely when! With an Amazon advertising campaign you can maximise ad revenue with as little or as much ad spend as you like.  

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What is Amazon Advertising

Amazon marketing services help promote businesses by efficiently reaching consumers browsing the marketplace at the purchase stage of the marketing funnel. This means that your campaign will run on Amazon when your target audience is ready to hit the buy button! 

Amazon advertising has been proven effective in increasing purchase conversion rates and reducing ad spend, while improving return on investment. Which is why running a PPC campaign on Amazon is a cost-effective way to increase business sales volume and a great advertising channel to reach a wider audience that is most likely to convert.


How Does Amazon Advertising Work

Amazon marketing services is a popular advertising model that allows businesses to purchase advertisements on Amazon’s website and app, reaching millions of customers who visit their marketplace on a regular basis – at home or on the go. It’s not only a great way to connect with your audience and drive traffic to your store, but also a fast and profitable way to boost sales through a wide range of advertising options, including Amazon product display ads, headline search ads, and sponsored products ad listings. 

These promotion options give you the opportunity to target your audience with relevant content that is easily accessible via desktop or mobile devices, resulting in increased conversions. When Amazon users are searching for a keyword related to the products you are advertising, your ad will show up, boosting your product visibility, increasing your chances for getting more revenue. 


What is an Amazon PPC Campaign

Amazon PPC allows online advertisers to pay per click for their ads on Amazon’s marketing platform, while being able to optimise their ad placement and maximise ad visibility – this includes selecting keywords, setting budgets and tracking sales.


Amazon Advertising Campaign Strategy

Amazon PPC is a highly effective strategy to boost your revenue with its business-friendly campaigns including the creation of custom ad groups and conversion tracking tools. 

The goal is to sell products at a low cost while providing the customer value. However, for this strategy to work, you must find ways to increase sales without spending too much on advertising. 

One way is through sponsored product ads that are designed to be seen by potential customers when they search or browse on Amazon.

How Effective is Amazon Advertising 

Amazon PPC keywords have conversion rates that are higher than average for organic keywords. Amazon also has a huge number of active customers, which is beneficial to marketers who want to reach their target audience with high-converting ads.

Moreover, being one of the world’s leading marketplaces, Amazon is a profitable platform to advertise on. Although competitive, it is also one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms available.  

Amazon PPC campaigns drive more sales by increase product exposure, boosting conversion rates at lower costs per acquisition. It provides great opportunities for brands to reach their target audience quickly and effectively with high user engagement, which can help them grow exponentially in the long term.  

Is Amazon PPC Worth It 

With a well-optimised PPC campaign, Amazon can be a powerful advertising channel allowing you to take advantage of the large number of Amazon users and expand your target audience.


You can get the best return on investments with Amazon PPC by hiring an agency or expert to help you efficiently manage your marketing and advertising efforts and get the best results.  


With a well-optimised ad copy, you can attract more customers and increase sales by taking advantage of large number of Amazon users and expanding your target audience effectively. 

How Much Should You Spend on an Amazon PPC Campaign 

The average cost per click on amazon ads can be as low as £0.01, as high as £1.00, or even higher depending on the category and price range of products being sold. However, in order to have a successful PPC campaign you’ll need set up your bid adjustments properly, so your campaign both targets the type of customer you want and wins the competition.

A PPC management agency can help with this, so it’s important to reach out to PPC specialists to make the most of your Amazon ads. The cost of the PPC services depend on how much money you spend on ads, the hours spent on campaign management, but the costs meet any business size, needs, and advertising budget. 

Why Hire an Amazon PPC Specialist 

How familiar are you really with PPC tactics? In addition to knowing how to make the best use of Amazon advertising tools, an Amazon PPC specialist is will also adjust your PPC campaign according to your business goals and generate the most revenue for your brand in a timely manner. PPC campaign managers take on your Amazon advertising activities to ensure campaign success by providing research, implementation strategy, campaign management, reporting back to you the results. Their job is to help you reach new customers while keeping up with current ones minimising investment risks so you can carry on with your business without letting advertising tasks get in the way, while also getting new leads. 

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How Can Our Amazon PPC Agency Help You

We help businesses like yours succeed on Amazon’s advertising platform by providing them with several services, including keyword research, ad creation optimised for conversions, campaign setup, management and reporting. 

Our service includes managing your entire Amazon account to ensure that you have one less thing to worry about while still achieving success from our advertising efforts.

We love getting businesses all sizes the attention they deserve, and it shows! Our PPC team will help you achieve great results by boosting your sales, driving traffic, and more efficiently managing campaigns.  

Our refined Amazon PPC advertising services are tailored for your business needs to ensure success!


Through Our Amazon PPC Services We Deliver

  • Targeted PPC Campaigns to get your products in front of potential buyers 
  • Profit making ad creation to stand out of the crowd 
  • Campaign optimisation to increase conversion rates 
  • Ongoing Management of your Amazon account 
  • Clear reporting to give you peace of mind that we are taking care of everything for you 
  • Competitive pricing and transparency for any size business 
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