Corporate Hosting

Looking after your website (like it was our own)...

What do a memorable party and a successful website have in common? Great hosting.

Your emails and your website are so vital for a business that when they ‘go down’ it feels like you’ve been cut off from civilisation. To avoid the ‘are we back up yet?’ panic, it’s essential your hosting is as secure and resilient as possible.

We are the only web company to provide all this as standard

As part of our corporate hosting service, we use servers which are properly maintained and monitored, and don’t get overloaded. Since we started in 1998 we have maintained 99.99% server uptime with no unscheduled downtime of more than 5 minutes. We’re pretty proud of that.

Our hosting services include:

  • Realtime onsite backup of client data
  • Realtime offsite backups
  • Mirrored Servers
  • Load balanced servers
  • Uptime monitoring of individual pages on site
  • Dedicated memory pool for each website preventing one site from disrupting any other sites running on the same server
  • POP3 email if required with spam filtering
  • Support of Code and allocation of resources to fix issues

Other related hosting services include

  • Virtual dedicated hosting
  • Remote backup
  • Virus and spam protection
  • Domain registration

Scalable and Economical

Because we manage all our own servers and services we can scale up to any requirements that you may have.

Always available and ultrafast

We are early adopters of http2 and CDN to facilitate site and resilience.



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