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From upload to meta data to archive with assisted quality control included
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re:io: A secure, cloud based platform for the creation, conversion, processing and delivery of video, audio, subtitiles and metadata in the digital media supply chain.

If you create media for TV or Film and want to send it for broadcast for channels such as Netflix, itunes, then it needs to be sent in the correct format. It aslo needs encoding, edits, and closed captioning to metadata, digital package creation, and delivery to preferred distribution channels.

Providing creative and media supply-chain services to some of the world’s largest entertainment brands.

Every production has to have a suite of meta-data embedded with it, for programme descriptions, subtitles, information and more.

Each broadcaster handles meta-data differently.

We created a meta data software for production companies that enables them to upload their meta-data and for the software to re-purpose this in the correct format for all the appropriate platforms – Netflix, Amazon, Hublu, Prime, etc.

So, when you settle down to view your next Netflix binge and opt to view subtitles in French that information will have been uploaded via our meta-data tool.

Media platform distribution solutions

Our end-to-end digital supply chain software was built leveraging state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and customised workflows  to store, manage, repurpose, localise and deliver premium content with file assembly into a standard format for specified distibution channels.

Localisation of Assets

Our software allows you to easily provide captioning, subtitling, dubbing and audio description that unlock your content for audiences everywhere.

Review your assets back in full, and revise them with  a 5-point spot check to ensure you meet the highest level of quality standards.

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