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TikTok Paid Promotion


Do you want to enter the TikTok influencer marketing audience with branded content that converts? You are in the right place! We are a TikTok marketing agency dedicated to expanding your online presence and helping you attain your business objectives through TikTok ads and influencer campaigns. Let’s use TikTok’s increasing popularity to your advantage by finding the best business opportunities for your brand to be socially powerful and attract new customers.

Together with Facebook paid promotion, Pinterest advertising and other PPC services we offer, TikTok rounds off our goal to help companies like yours get their voice heard on social media and profitable advertising channels through effectively optimised, targeted marketing campaigns with guaranteed results.


What is TikTok and How Does Brand Marketing Fit In

TikTok is a social media platform mainly used for browsing short videos of people doing funny, creative or crazy things. Since TikTok is primarily used for short videos – usually no more than 30 seconds long – TikTok is great opportunity for you to market your brand.

For some businesses it can be difficult to beat their competition and attract new customers on other social networks. TikTok platform offers marketers the tools needed to create effective campaigns making sure that brand gets the attention they seek from the right audience. That’s why more and more businesses have been increasingly turning to agencies for TikTok marketing services to reach new customers in a more creative, engaging, and cost-effective way.


How Does TikTok Advertising Work

TikTok allows companies to buy advertising space on the app while offering flexible options for promotion, including outlining the goals of an ad campaign and how much money they are willing to spend.

The ad content for TikTok is mainly created by brands that are already popular on social channels or celebrities that have a large following on the app, but there is room for any brand to take advantage of the benefits of running an advertising TikTok campaign to gain more leads.

TikTok is a popular choice for advertisers because it has a young audience that’s engaged in social networking and they’re spending more time on apps than elsewhere or ever before. The feed is based on the interests of the individual users picked up by TikTok’s algorithm, which uses its machine learning and data analytics to identify what kind of content would be most appealing for people in certain categories.

This allows users to scroll through their feeds and explore new video content that matches their interests to see what content is trending or new on their platform with time-based live streams that are updated every 15 minutes. In return, this grants the array of advertisements such as video ads (in-stream), banner ads, and sponsored stories to be used for effective promotion.


What Types of Promotion can TikTok Offer

As a social media powerhouse – especially popular amongst teens and young adults – TikTok has evolved into an advertising medium. Its success has been attributed to the ease of use and ability to implement effective promotion strategies reaching their target audience through users preferred way of communication.

There are many different types of promotion offered by TikTok including product placement, influencer advertising and brand advocacy campaigns among others which allows marketers to caption the attention of TikTok users with ease.

These commercials can be found in various places, such as on the news feed, at the top right corner (on mobile) and even within individual posts! There are also TikTok interactive features like polls and contests that permit users to engage with their community and share content in a unique way, which makes it an even more powerful promotion tool.

How Effective is TikTok Advertising

Since the feeds are based on the interests of individual users, which means that the content from the app reflects their tastes and preferences, it’s safe to say that advertising through this platform can be extremely effective for advertisers who are looking to target highly engaged audiences. 

Businesses can use TikTok platform’s ability to reach a high number of viewers by posting creative TikTok videos to promote their brand. With over 1 billion active users and 45 million daily video views, this is an untapped resource that marketers could explore. 

Hashtags, captions and genre categorisation can be used in short form mobile videos on the app – which makes it easy for brands to reach their audience effectively. Viewers can like, comment and share the videos by forwarding it to their connections via direct message or on their other social media channels, opening resourceful exposure opportunities on other social media channels that benefit brands that are choosing TikTok promotion.

How TikTok Influencer Marketing Benefits Brands

Social media platforms are centred around influencers which brings many benefits for brands to make their presence felt on their social network platforms, such as TikTok. Popular TikTok influencers are the new celebrities of the digital age with a huge number of followers that will get to experience their content firsthand. They promote a variety of brands through creative and engaging video content capable to attract new consumers that are interested in what your brand has to offer.

The best way to start advertising on TikTok is by finding an influencer that meets your target demographic and talk with them about what type of campaign you are interested in. They can provide insight on their habits, interests, and how many followers they have. 

Thanks to its millions of daily active users, brands can now leverage the platform to reach their target audience via targeted influencers who are already using the app and know what subjects engages their viewers best to help you reach a wider audience in creative effective ways. 

Why Should You Use TikTok to Advertise Your Business

Although TikTok is known to target a younger audience, data shows that in the US 53% of its users are above 30 years of age. With a reputation for being the most downloaded social media app in history, TikTok retains its appeal for its young-oriented audience of millennials and members of Generation Z. 

However, thanks to its high partnership levels with Facebook, Google Ads, and Amazon, advertising on TikTok can be a great medium for brands to reach a wider audience and connect with their target market in unique ways without spending too much time or money on traditional marketing campaigns. 

Thanks to its low competition because it’s recent evolution, and low barrier for entry -both saturated with the highest number of active people – TikTok marketing has already been implemented at a high level by brands all over the world as the number one option to engage 16–34-year-olds. 

With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok is already a leader when it comes to marketing and advertising, so now is the right time to take advantage of the brand exposure this new medium has to offer through top-level marketing strategies and user generated content. 

What Can Our TikTok Marketing Agency Do for Your Business

We know how important it is to make a lasting impression on your viewers, and we’re determined to make your company visible on TikTok’s feed. Our TikTok marketing and advertising services are designed to drive downloads, traffic, conversions and engagement making your brand awareness a priority

We run high-converting campaigns that can help your business grow by increasing the visibility of your brand. With an increase in followers and likes, you will be able to reach new customers who may not have found your brand on their own.

Additionally, we can create content for your business that will engage with customers and help them understand what makes your company unique. Engagement content increases brand awareness and boosts conversions amongst TikTok’s enthusiastic audience.

Our TikTok Marketing Strategy

We are focused on delivering results with TikTok advertising by:

  • Planning and implementing successful marketing campaigns to fit your business needs
  • Help you grow your followers amongst TikTok users
  • Maximising your social media marketing success

TikTok Campaigns Tailored to Your Brand Goals

We are business focused, but mindful about time and money, offering affordable services that aim to bring maximum ROI. To fully connect with your brand, our actions will be guided by, but not limited to:

  • Identifying your business objectives
  • Research analysis focused on TikTok content trends and social media influencers
  • Audience analysis and competition analysis
  • Budget optimisation and strategy planning
  • Creative strategy planning and ad copy creation
  • Creative production for TikTok video
  • Campaign delivery and management driven by growth
  • Campaign analysis, reporting and assessing results