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Pinterest Paid Promotion

Fancy driving more website traffic, increasing sales, or simply building your brand awareness drawing more eyes to your brand on social media with Pinterest? You are in the right place!

We are a social media and digital marketing company dedicated to help you boost brand awareness and drive results for your business through efficient Pinterest advertising campaign management. We know exactly what makes people click, where and precisely when! With a Pinterest ad campaign, you have as little or as much ad spend you like and still increase conversions.


What is Pinterest and How Pinterest Advertising Works

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share and “pin” or bookmark images, videos, quotes and other content they like. Pinterest provides a platform for brands to advertise their products to their target audience through promoted pins. Brands can use promoted pins to sponsor their products and expand their target audience, reaching interested users ready to engage.

Pinterest ads can help your pins get noticed easier by the right audience. This way, users will easily find your pins without browsing too much to discover you, making it an easy and cost-effective channel for brand awareness and sale boost on social media.


How Can You Promote Your Brand on Pinterest

From buyable pins to story pins and promoted carousels, be it photo, video or even apps, Pinterest has it all to help brands like yours advertise their products to Pinterest’s wide audience. The more a brand advertises, the higher their posts will be ranked in their search results and users’ feeds. This way, people who are interested in what you are selling will be able to find your products more easily, and even buy them straight from their platform or via your website.


Will Pinterest Marketing Work for Your Business

Pinterest is a great social media platform for sharing interesting content and finding inspiration. It can be used to promote products and services by targeting users that are most likely to convert.

Through their advertising platform, your pins will be show up in their search results and Pinners feeds, reaching a larger crowd than your channel could do on its own. 

Marketing your brand on Pinterest fits every business, no matter how big your brand is or how much you invest. You can set your advertising costs to fit your budget and your business needs, while still reaching a lot of people getting a profitable ROI.


Why Hire Pinterest Management Services

Pinterest is an effective channel to market your brand because it is a highly visual platform that attracts people who are more likely to engage with the content. However, you need to make sure that you reach the right audience to get the best out of your Pinterest promotion. Since it is also one of the most popular social media platforms, with 82% of active users on mobile devices, gaining brand awareness on Pinterest can be challenging.  

While users are seeing more and more ads, they are becoming used to them – especially because it is a social network designed for sharing images – this is precisely why you need a tailored promotion strategy to make your pins get noticed by the users that are most likely to convert. 

With dedicated Pinterest marketing agency, you can focus on the right user demographics and reach people with messages that are relevant and personalised, gaining a profitable return on ad spend. 


What are the Benefits of Marketing Your Business on Pinterest

459 million people use Pinterest every month to find inspiration for a new purchase, which makes it a great channel to advertise your brand and reach a wider, targeted audience amongst its Pinners. 

How can your business benefit from brand promotion on Pinterest? 

1. Use Pinterest for Brand Awareness 

While there are many benefits to Pinterest marketing, one of the most significant is that it works for people who collect things. This type of demographic tends to collect information or images for inspiration. Advertising on Pinterest you are approaching new audiences interested in buying something from your business. In the same fashion, creating awareness for your brand you are allowing your target audience to discover your products in an easy way without scrolling too much, while pursuing them into becoming your customers.

2. Market Your Products in a More Creative Way  

Pinterest is perfect for creatives and marketers to engage with. It has millions of users who are constantly changing their interests, making it difficult for businesses to reach them organically. With Pinterest advertising you can get your pins in front of the right audience successfully, expanding your followers.

3. Use Pinterest Promotion to Drive Better Traffic 

Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool that can help you drive better traffic to your website. 

The way Pinterest works is by the user pinning images they like on their account, which then go live on their Pinboard.

It can be anything – from recipes to outfits, and beyond – people will then share their saved pins with others.

Since the website is free for users who want to create an account, and has a wide variety of demographics, it creates wonderful opportunities for increasing brand awareness and engagement with Pinners that save your pins with the intend of going back to your website and converting.

4. Use Pinterest for Marketing Research & Analysis 

With its recent and rapid growth, Pinterest has become a valuable marketing tool for all businesses. To stay on top of things, become more competitive, and not miss out on potential customers, you can use Pinterest to:

  • collect customer information, new trends, and interests 
  • promote your brand through pins from other brands’ content 
  • get inspiration from other Pinners and choosing what works best for you 

5. Get Higher Conversion with Pinterest Advertising 

Pins can be created based on a company’s current marketing campaign or they can be linked to the product itself. It is also possible to promote a pin by paying for it. Either way, Pinterest can be used to market products or services and drive higher conversion rates, and increased sales.

What Can Our Pinterest Advertising Agency Do for You 

It takes knowledge, experience, time and effort to create an effective campaign, and when you do invest money into it, you want to make sure it is going to be successful!

Our Pinterest advertising agency offers a variety of resources needed to run a successful campaign. From conceptualising and planning, to executing and tracking analytics, we provide the necessary tools for our clients to succeed on Pinterest.

Our Pinterest marketing strategies are designed to help brands like yours stand out, focusing on driving traffic back to your store or your social media page.

We can also help you get more likes, comments, followers and views on your pins, creating effective ads that boost brand image.

Not sure where to start with your social media marketing campaign on Pinterest? Contact us to create a bespoke Pinterest campaign that brings results!


We Plan Marketing Strategies that Make a Difference

Pinterest ads can be a great way to connect with your customers. We are focused on delivering results with Pinterest advertising by:

  • Planning and implementing successful marketing strategies tailored to your brand’s needs
  • Help you grow your followers and turning them into customers
  • Maximising your social media marketing success


We Write Creative Ads that Drive Business Growth

Pinterest advertising is perfect for small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups. With our creative ads that drive sales for your business, you can quickly grow your online presence on Pinterest and get more customers in. Our in-house team will use their creative juices to deliver high-quality ads that make people tick and click!

We Really Understand Your Brand

We are business focused, but mindful about time and money, which brings you peace of mind that we’ll only be offering affordable services that aim to bring maximum ROI. To fully connect with your brand, our actions will be guided by, but not limited to:

  • Identifying objectives
  • Research & Analytics
  • Audience analysis
  • Budget optimisation
  • Strategy planning to increase revenue
  • Campaign delivery and management
  • Reporting and measuring results


We Run Optimised Pinterest Advertising Campaigns

Pinterest users tend to be more engaged with content they find on the site because of its user-generated nature and broad range of topics. By planning your pins to show up in searches when they are relevant to a particular search term, we can optimise your campaign to be relevant and cost-effective.

We Implement and Manage Campaigns that Deliver Results

Did you know that 98% of users have tried something they found on Pinterest? That is thanks to the fact that Pinterest offers an effective platform for advertising. By creating pins that are relevant to your target audience, we can successfully advertise your company and products through this social media website to obtain precisely what your business needs.

Ready for some awesome Pinterest marketing strategies? Contact us today!