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Website Design

Websites come in all forms.  We have a process that will tweek out your company’s personality and DNA to portray this in the best way possible online.


Graphic Design for Print

Development of marketing material such as brochures, leaflets is a natural follow on from website design.



Online brand guidelines developed from web up. We use Invision to involve you in collaborative development of your brand.

Once finished you can share the asset with your marketing partners

Design, Brand, Communicate

Your marketing should be joined up from online to offline.  We provide the tools and the skills to enable you to present a unified face to the world.


Who we work with?

We work with individuals, start ups, small and medium sized companies and occasionally some large ones such as Virgin, IKEA and Monster Jobs.

Usually it’s a case of an outdated web design needing a fresh input but often there is an underlying issues of lack of enquiries and sales.  In 50% of cases this can be rectified by updating the existing web design and thereby improving conversion rates or SEO friendliness thereby increasing rankings.

For the other 50% there’s nothing else for it but for a new website!


Classical but Modern

Most clients start off with a look and feel brief.  Classical but Modern is a familiar one;).  We take a slightly different approach. We start from an SEO point of view.

Our initial focus is going to be how we make your site search engine friendly, we then think about the pretty stuff.


It’s for you not us

The most successful websites need more than a cool, contemporary design. If you’re selling a product or service, your site needs to do more than just look impressive. It needs to clearly show what you’re offering; it needs to be

  • easy to navigate
  • simple and uncluttered
  • search engine friendly.

In other words, you need to ensure your web designer is creating a website for your visitors and not for his portfolio for a Design Week award.


Embedded SEO

At Datadial we combine our creative talents and our SEO marketing expertise to produce hard-working websites which are also search engine friendly. This means your site works as well behind the scenes as it does front of the house.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Every page on your site is an opportunity for you to persuade, convince, impress and convert a customer, we constantly evaluate your site’s effectiveness too, through user testing and feedback analysis.


Don’t make me think!  User Experience

Let’s not confuse User Experience (UX) with bells and whistles. Our goal with UX or User Centred Design is to create website that makes browsing and buying as easy and obvious as possible.  Our aims are reduce bounce rates, improve conversions and build customer loyalty. User experience with Datadial is not an after thought, it is central to the whole project and whatever is implemented needs to be tested again and again.

Brochure Websites

Potential clients often start by saying that they only want a brochure site.  Well, it may only be a brochure site but it still needs the care and attention of any other type of site.   It’s there to represent your business after all.

We apply the same design principals and attention to these websites even though they tend to be small.

They are usually built in WordPress or Umbraco so that you can update the site yourself. All new sites are of course responsive.

Cocoon – maternity services – wordpress

Cocoon have been providing maternity services for a number of years.  They recently added elderly care to their services.  We built a new website in WordPress to clearly illustrate the two separate sides of the business.


Absolute Translations – wordpress development – Translation Services
Absolute Translations


Famous Campaigns – responsive wordpress website – Marketing stunts & campaigns
Famous Campaigns


Ashbarton – umbraco development – Party house in north Devon
Ashbarton Estate


Ashbarton Estate – umbraco development – Wedding Venue
Ashbarton Estate


Taylor Herring – wordpress – PR Consultancy
Taylor Herring

Have you seen this?


Very happy with the new site, tons of really good feedback. Top Work!

James Herring, Owner

The Poke – responsive wordpress – Time well wasted
The Poke

Wordpress, Responsive Rebuild - 4 million visitors per month

Most companies choose WordPress for its out of the box templated tools which enable rapid website design and development.

Well I guess its ease of use is one reason that WordPress was chosen for The Poke originally but this is far from a templated website.

When we took it over it had been built on and build on over the years and was falling apart.  We decided to redo the html css from scratch to make the site responsive and to introduce a cleaner more modern layout.

With revenue being generated from click-throughs and advertising it was important to make sure that users saw and were encouraged to click through to as many stories on the site as possible.  The interface that we came up with and the subtle integration of 3rd party sponsored advertising have helped increase page views by over 200%.

Visit site

Really happy with the site redesign and all the effort that you have put in and  your patience with the integrating all the 3rd party scripts.

So a ruddy big thank you and well done!

Re Poke Rebuild

Loom and Last – curtain ordering software – Made to measure curtains
Loom and Last

Curtain ordering software. We really had to pull ourselves together for this one!

Natural Curtain Company approached Datadial when they realised their existing site was failing and that the platform that it was built on could not sustain the complexity of their product offering, nor was it extensible enough to accommodate new products.

Instead of shoe-horning Natural Curtain’s business model into pre-existing e-commerce software as had happened on their previous site we instead built the site to their exacting requirements from the ground up.

The result is a complex and sophisticated ordering system that has minimised the amount of in house administration of online orders and virtually eliminated user errors on the site as there is now so much validation before ordering that users cannot order the wrong thing.

The site is integrated with Datadial’s email marketing software as well as Wufoo and online survey tool as well as their own bespoke order management system.

The site has also been supported by an online marketing campaign to keep the site listed for any curtain related queries.  A recent conversion rate optimisation exercise where we A/B tested homepage layouts had the effect of increasing revenue by 30%.

It is clear that our customers like the new website. I love it. So a big thank you from me and all at the ever-growing Natural Curtain Company.

David Adeane, Natural Curtain Company