Google AdWords Management Services

Google Adwords Agency London – (PPC)

We manage Google Adwords accounts for our clients.  We help you discover the highest return on investment you’ve ever had.

Google Adwords is the mainstay of any PPC campaign.  You can also use Bing’s PPC  platform for targeting the remaining 5-10% of users.

Can’t I manage my own PPC Account?

Yes, of course you can but PPC can be confusing.  A few years ago the Adwords platform only had a few features and maybe it was easy to manage.  It’s now a feature rich platform with a myriad of options giving you the ability to micro manage campaigns if you know what you are doing, which is why we offer AdWords management services.

Is this you?

We come across lots of self managed accounts where the MD has set up a PPC account a few years previous and never really had time to check how it was doing.  The result is that there are often huge sums of money being flushed away each month on irrelevant keywords and out dated setting.

Efficient Management

For a PPC campaign to work effectively you must bid on the right keywords and key phrases; your ads must be compelling and attract clicking; and the landing page must be relevant. That way your visitors will convert, which is what it’s all about. The only way to do this is to actively manage the account every day. We specialise in Google AdWords management, with over a decade’s experience in handing PPC campaigns.

Outsource your PPC Adwords

Datadial are a Google Adwords Certified Partner- see Google’s advice on working with third-parties.

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) AdWords management services aim to get you the biggest bang for your buck. This involves knowing what key metrics matter the most for your business.  Key things to know are seasonality, which products have the greatest margin, the long term value of a new customer, any false starts in the past or known no go areas. We prefer to start small and, as we discover, what’s working and what’s converting we’ll tweak the ads and gradually build up the budget. This way no money is wasted.


How do we charge?

Pricing for PPC management for campaigns is relatively straightforward.  Charges break down into:

Set up costs – this includes keyword research and creation of campaigns. This is typically between £450 and £1,500 for small to medium campaigns.

There may be additional costs for setting up of remarketing campaigns, translation and setting up of landing pages if any of these are required.

Management – this includes day to day Google AdWords management, refinements of campaigns, monthly meetings and monthly reporting and is charged at 15% of click budget. Contact us today to discuss your Google Ads campaign. See other Paid Promotion services below.