Social Media Advertising

Creating content that's made for sharing...

Hi, Hello, Howdy, Wotcha, G’day mate

There are plenty of ways of starting a conversation. And it’s no different online.

What is social media marketing?

It’s about building relationships with your online audiences by sharing content, giving insights and having honest and open conversations. It’s not about selling. It’s about sharing. Your audience could be on Twitter, Facebook, running niche blogs or skulking around fan boy forums.  But find them, nurture them and treat them right and you’ll quickly develop a loyal following of influencers and ambassadors who say nice things about you online and give you instant feedback on your products or services.

How can we help?

Since way back in 2007, we’ve been advising our clients how to use social media advertising to engage customers, drive traffic, build brands and win business. We develop social media ad strategies which complement overall marketing plans and support business objectives. And we make really pretty Twitter backgrounds as well.

Where do we do it?

All our social media advertising work is carried out in house at our Hammersmith office in West London, W6.  We do not outsource our work. We are a team of about 15, geared towards building our clients’ businesses and brands online.