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re:fine group - wordpress build and disaster recover
refine group

refine group

Re-fine provide multi-platform content processing and media management services - which in english means that they master DVD's an CD's and store acres of tapes and films of every TV proramme you have ever heard of.

It's an impressive business and their site needed to reflect the strength and breadth of the company's activities.  

Datadial recovered and rebuilt the site from a disastrous redesign attempt by another agency - which had caused a great deal of stress when the site ceased to work and hence the effusive quote below once we put it all right again.

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What we do for refine group

Web Design and Wordpress Development

Kolen worked on this project.

Visit: http://www.refine-group.com

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Client Feedback

"Without exception They all xxxxing love it ? the graphic designer had a tear in his eye They all totally love it, they are all telling me how much they love it It has literally restored their faith in wanting to work for the company Thank you so much!!!!!!!! (you have sort of made me a bit of a hero right now!)"

Catherine Watling, refine group