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Wasting money on PPC Ads?

Pay Per Click is still one of the most affordable methods of advertising and one of the quickest ways to get visitors to your site. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the quickest ways to blaze through your entire marketing budget if you get it wrong.

Confused by Google Adwords?

PPC can be confusing too.  A few years ago the Adwords platform only had a few features and maybe it was easy to manage.  It’s now a feature rich platform with a myriad of options giving you the ability to micro manage campaigns if you  know what you are doing.

For a PPC campaign to work effectively you must bid on the right keywords and key phrases; your ads must be compelling and attract clicking; and the landing page must be relevant. That way your visitors will convert, which is what it’s all about.

Why outsource your PPC management to Datadial?

Datadial are a Google Adwords Certified Partner- see Google’s advice on working with third-parties.


Our Pay Per Click (PPC) services aim to get you the biggest bang for your buck. This involves knowing what key metrics matter most for your business.  Key things to know are seasonality, which products have the greatest margin, the long term value of a new customer, any false starts in the past or known no go areas.

We prefer to start small and, as we discover, what’s working and what’s converting we’ll tweak the ads and gradually build up the budget. This way no money is wasted.

The first thing we do is save you money:

When we take over our clients’ PPC accounts from other agencies, the first thing we usually do is save them money.  A campaign audit will cover

  • click through rates
  • conversion rates
  • quality score
  • cost per acquisition
  • and missed opportunities
  • competitor research

By assessing this and cutting out non-converting traffic and rewriting ads to maximise click-through rates we expect to bring down the cost of conversion and increases the actual number of sales. Sounds too good to be true? Ask our clients. We don’t mind.

Small Budgets?  Start up company?

We work with click budgets from £750 per month to £20,000 per month. So if you are a small or start up business or wanting to increase your current PPC activity please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do we work with other Search Engines?

Most of our work is with Google PPC, but we also work with Bing where appropriate, particularly for clients wishing to target a US audience as Bing has a larger market share in the US.  Our strategy here is quite simple we just repeat what we have done on Adwords.  Depending on who you talk to Bing represents about 8-15% of search traffic which is significant and so should not be ignored if you planning global domination.  We also work with Facebook paid ads.

How do we charge?

Charging for management of PPC campaigns is relatively straightforward.  Charges break down into:

Set up – this includes keyword research and creation of campaigns. This is typically between £450 and £1,500 for small to medium campaigns.  There may be additional costs for setting up of remarketing campaigns, translation and setting up of landing pages if any of these are required.

Management – this includes day to day management, refinements of campaigns, monthly meetings and monthly reporting and is charged at 15% of click budget.

Why outsource your PPC management to Datadial?

Beautiful recent comments that keep us ticking...

We generated 8 bookings this November from 122 unique web enquiries which between them produced total commission of around US$9200 against our ad words spend of US$2492. On my very basic “ROI” calculation, November was therefore by some distance our best month so far this year, generating around 3.7 times in commission what we spent.

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