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Local Online Marketing
Sometimes, a rod is more useful than a net...


If your business is local, shouldn't your marketing be local too?

All businesses, large or small need an online presence. Whether you're a butcher, a baker or a candle-stick maker, we can help you to find targeted customers in your region.

Our approach is two-pronged:

Local SEO:

 A one-off service to make sure you're listed in all the right places: local directories, maps and other platforms. We'll also make sure your website is optimised so it's discoverable for locally-focussed search terms.

We have more detail here about what is involved in ensuring your site is properly registered for Local searches

Local PPC:

PPC is a fantastic way of targeting the exact sort of customers you need. When people in your area search Google for your service, you can target them by putting your business directly in front of them. We can work with you to develop a plan for getting the exact sort of business you need - and it's a great ROI.

We offer these services separarately or as a package. Every business is different, so we're happy to talk and find out your needs.


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