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When it comes to marketing your business online, tweeting about the contents of your breakfast just won't cut it.

What exactly is online marketing or digital marketing? It's the catch-all term which describes the process of promoting your business online using integrated, targeted and measurable activities such as social media marketing, PPC and online PR.

Simple? Nope. It's easy for businesses to get caught up in the 'next big thing' and just want to be noticed by anybody for anything. But without clear objectives and a well thought through strategy your online marketing activities could be a waste of time and money.   

At Datadial our online marketing services are results based. If it works we do it. If it doesn't we don't. And while we use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, we're more focused on getting you brand exposure and driving traffic and sales through your website rather than getting you as many followers, fans or thumbs up as possible. 

Our Online Marketing services include:

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